Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday - Prosperity for God's People / Savant scores huge on GM, Frank's back from the conference, and the Russell eMini does it again(AZMN)

Ranking a Mining Junior on a scale of 1-10

Azco's rapidly growing portfolio of proven in-ground reserves (roughly $1B US), is second in value only to it's above-ground asset - Dr. Pierce Carson. In a recent newsletter Dr. Richard Appel made comments regarding junior mining companies that not only reminded my of why I invested in Azco Mining, but also reminded me that of all other investment vehicles available, none can offer me a risk/reward ratio even close to Azco.

Even though I consider myself "well-stocked", it is only prudent that I would continue to put any available long term investment money in what ever vehicle will yield the greatest return over time, with the least amount of risk. If the company did nothing but sit on its assets for the next 5 years, investors should be more than pleased. However, that's not the case. Dr. Carson is still in acquisition mode, and he fully plans to bring the Summit Property into production by '07. Since assuming his role as CEO, Dr. Carson has yet to fail to deliver on anything he has promised shareholders. Now here are some of Dr. Appel's "general" comments I mentioned....

"The primary necessary ingredient for success in the junior exploration industry are the people! I will assume that those managing any company in which you choose to invest are responsible for at minimum a major discovery or have actually been instrumental in building one or more mines. This immediately eliminates the vast number of junior mining companies!" Score 1 for Azco via Dr. Carson

"Further, they must also be capable of acquiring capital with which to carry out their exploration programs, and must have the ability to successfully present their story to the investment community. Additionally, it is typically best to enter such a company’s stock while it is quietly developing its projects rather than when it is in the midst of a surging share price created by some element of successful progress." Score - Azco 2

"During all Bull Markets, whether of an entire market or an individual stock, there are always secondary, downward corrections. It is during these periods, such as I believe we are just exiting in the resource sector, when an astute investor can acquire fine companies at substantial discounts to their earlier highs. In this fashion you can have significant information about the company, while exposing yourself to less risk due to its reduced price level." Score - Azco 3

"One of the qualities that I look for whenever I evaluate a company to feature in Financial Insights, is that it is in the early stages of its development. It may take a while, but if you have a proven management team these companies offer the best risk vs. reward potential in the industry. Further, they give their investors the greatest opportunity for exceptional profits." Score - Azco 4

"The time to acquire your share position is when a company’s stock is quiet, its price is weak, and it is in the beginning stages of its development." Score - Azco 5

Jason Hommel also offered his perceptions in a recent article...

"I believe that the safest investments are those that promise the greatest reward. I would rather invest in a precious metals stock that has the potential to go up 10 to 20 fold, rather than a stock that has the potential to rise 5 fold." Score - Azco 6

"Therefore, since we are in a bull market in precious metals, I believe that the smaller, overlooked precious metals stocks promise the greatest return, and are among the most safe investments you can own." Score - Azco 7

"I also think the chances of success are much greater with those managers who have been able to weather the storm of the 24-year bear market, and who now see the opportunities that lay ahead." Score - Azco 8

"Several government statements reflect the desire to cause paper money to drop in value, as attempts are made to fight deflation, and to boost exports. Competitive currency devaluations are really a race to destroy the overvalued currencies." Score - Azco 9

"In reality, it is a race back to the gold standard, and the nations that get there first, will win--because they will have more precious metal, and will be the wealthiest." Score - Azco 10

And there you have it - my perfect "10".
Azco Mining - (AZMN)

When you listen to Wednesday's interview with Dr. Carson and the Wall Street Reporter, you won't hear any hype, or blue sky, just the calm confident voice of a man who after a lifetime of legendary successes, is now embracing the pinnacle of his career as the man at the helm of the most undervalued asset on planet earth. A voice that helps me sleep well at night during these troubled times in which we live.
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