Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Teresa Appleton - A Candid No-Hype Interview with the Founder and CEO of Trade With Logic - You CAN Earn 10% A Day Trading the S&P eMini!

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Teresa is the founder and CEO of TradeLogic, LLC. She started trading while pregnant with her first son (Troy) and not only was that a blessing, it was the start of a new career. 1997 was the big market boom when you could hear even Grandmother’s at the grocery store talking about trading. Self taught and reading for hours to her newborn (trading books of course, not Dr. Seuss) helped to keep her sane and upbeat. After trading stocks and options for two years son number two (Trevor) came along and that is when stock index futures became VERY appealing to Teresa. Less homework and fewer things to focus on allowed her to trade full time and take care of two children. Yes, the challenge of a two year old and newborn should have been enough, but always striving to do more and the queen of multitasking Teresa managed to jump right into stock index futures. This meant leaving stocks and options behind for a few years. She did return to them and enjoys every moving market now.

In 2000 Teresa was offered a part time position with an online service and of course was finding too much free time with a 1 ½ year old and 3 ½ year old so gladly accepted. Who needs sleep anyway! Part time didn’t work out so full time quickly followed and the boys were there everyday with her. Teaching thousands of others what she had learned in the past three years quickly became a passion and a full time job. After leaving that position in late 2004, she decided to open this site.

She has a passion for teaching, trading, her children and running. Nothing is more exciting than a moving market and finding which move will come next, it is much like raising a child. There are no absolutes just a lot of guidelines and trial and error until you find what works.

Teresa feels anyone can trade and knows that many have the passion for it, just no expertise to make it happen. The freedom of trading is a wonderful thing, but the frustration can get the best of many people. Trading can feel lonely, but buying an island and putting all those interested in trading seemed sort of like a big project. So for now she’ll settle for trading with new and experienced people online and continue doing what she loves everyday. Spreading wealth by sharing wisdom is what it is all about.

When asked why she doesn’t put up all these big numbers like so many other online services or write a book the response was in true Teresa fashion! Writing a book is appealing and maybe will happen someday, but for now this website is her book. It will always change with the market and what works for each market condition. That is FAR better than a book and more informative in her opinion. As for telling the world she took how much ever money and turned it into whatever amount, she said it is all a waste of bandwidth. What a person did MANY years ago is NO indication of what they can do for any subscriber today. The market is NOT what it was 5 + years ago and all the guru’s, most of them self proclaimed made that money YEARS ago and did they give it all back in this market or do they still make money now? Showing up prepared for today’s market is what counts and is a reflection of a trader that will be here for a very long time, not one living off the past.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Boise State University. She worked as an accountant, financial analyst and in sales before coming into the stock market. She thinks the road that brought her here was a great journey that will continue to only get better.

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