Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ryan Jones professional trader and founder of on strategy, money management, faith, plus a free gift just for our listeners!

Ryan Jones

Ryan is the creator of the Smart Trading Mentorship Program. His trading accomplishments are many. In 1999, Ryan guaranteed the profitability of a single trade to a group of 200 traders at a seminar. Had the trade not worked out, Ryan would have owed a total over $150,000 to these traders if they took the trade and lost. Within 2 weeks, the trade hit the profit target given (time frame was within 3-months).

It takes a special kind of confidence and understanding of the markets to be able to guarantee a trade. You will learn exactly what that trade is and why Ryan could be so confident by committing to the Smart Trading Mentorship Program.In 2000, Ryan entered a world renowned, year-long, real money trading contest in December, with less than 4 weeks left in the contest. In that small period of time, Ryan was confident enough with his trades that he could achieve at least 3rd place in the contest (third place was sitting at 36% for the year when Ryan entered his first trade). By December 31st, Ryan had achieved his goal and took 3rd place with a 42% return.

From January 2001 to March 2001 (less than 90-days), Ryan took a $15,000 account and turned it into over $107,000, real time, real trading the S&P AND utilizing his money management strategy known as Fixed-Ratio.In January 2003, Ryan required 20 students to pick 5 of the very best trades possible based on their current knowledge and experience. Less than 20% of the students ended that assignment with a net profit across the trades. In February of 2003, Ryan took those same students and gave a similar assignment, only this time giving one general instruction on the TYPE of trade to pick. They would choose everything else. By the end of this assignment, 90% of the students ended up showing a net profit with their trades!

These are all good experiences. But they certainly are not ALL. Not every trading attempt is profitable and even when some are, they are not necessarily without the hits and drawbacks.

In February of 2003, implementing one of his favorite strategies, Ryan took a $12,000 hit per contract because of a gap opening. In 1995, using virtually the same strategy as what was used in the 2000 contest to secure a quick, 3rd place finish, Ryan's strategy showed a net loss for that year. For most, going an entire year without making money on a strategy or even taking a $12,000 hit on a single trade would probably send most traders running for the hills if it didn't wipe them out first.

It isn't that Ryan doesn't go through drawdowns, losing periods or take single trade hits that are bound to happen. It is the fact that Ryan has learned, and teaches through the Smart Trading Mentorship Program how to properly handle, manage and PLAN for the risks while making the most out of the profitable time periods.

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