Thursday, October 12, 2006

Overstock CEO Patrick Bryne and Dr. Susanne Trimbath hosted by Mark Faulk Thursday, October 12, at 1:00 PM EST, I will be doing a special edition ofThe Faulking Truth on My guests will be Overstock CEO PatrickBryne and Dr. Susanne Trimbath, an economist with operations managementexperience at the DTCC and the Pacific Clearing Corporation.

We will discussthe topic of stock market fraud and recent events that have occurred in theindustry, and we¹ll talk specifically about the October 19 conference thatboth Bryne and Trimbath will participate in entitled ³Naked, Short & Greedy:IS WALL STREET ABUSING THE PRACTICE OF SHORT-SELLING STOCKS?

The show willbe available for download at after the show. Out of over 25,000 podcasts on, CFRN is now thenumber two most popular show, beating out Jim Cramer's Real Money and Kudlowand Company.

Next week, on Thursday, October 19, STP Advisory Services, LLC will behosting an event to raise awareness about stock market fraud that, if successful, could be the first of similar events held throughout the country.

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