Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Read the Greed-Take the Money: Trading Weapons I've Kept Secret for 20 Years" with Veteran Trade Mike Reed -

Trader's from all over the world have been waiting on the edge of their seats for Mike's E-Book to be finished... IT'S NOW AVAILABLE! "Read the Greed-Take the Money"
You won't find these money making , low risk/high reward set ups anywhere else.

# This E-Book is jam-packed with charts illustrating *all*of the Trading entries Mike uses to make a living trading. These are Mike's own personal trade set ups that he has developed over the course of 2 decades trading the market. These are the same set ups that he uses to trade each day.
# The entries Mike teaches you in this book were developed by Mike, these aren't your "run of the mill" set-ups. Mike show's traders how he has been using Support and Resistance along with the TICK to exploit the market and CASH IN!# Mike will show you how to make money regardless of which way the market moves.
# This E-Book contains Mike's no-nonsense approach to trading that he has developed and perfected over the last 24 years.
# This E-Book was written to give traders of all levels a toolbox of low risk/high reward trade setups.
# There is no trader more qualified to know what others need to know to excel in the trading business than Mike Reed.
# Mike shows you how to get the maximum out of your Emini Trading using minimum risk.
# This book will supercharge *your* trading results
# This E-book will teach you how to stay out of trades that otherwise look good.
# You just can't get educational material of this caliber for a price this low!

We also have some BONUSES for you!
BONUS #1 - A video presentation by John Forman "Identifying Day and Short-Term Trading Targets". It focuses on techniques to help pick out stocks likely to offer good opportunities for traders operating in shorter-term time frames. (a $49 value). John Forman is the author of Top Selling book The Essentials of Trading.
BONUS #2 - A Complimentary copy of John Atkinson's e-book, '7 Secrets to Profitable Online Stock & Share Trading - the 'Atkinson-Guppy Articles Part 2'. This ebook contains essential valuable information for online stock & share trading - applicable for novice through to experienced investors and traders in markets around the world. John aims to lead you through the minefield - to help you protect yourself & avoid some of the major pitfalls he and other traders have found in the stock market.It is better to learn from others' mistakes than repeat them yourself.
BONUS #3 - 8 Weeks FREE TRIAL Membership to Jim Berg's world famous 'Investing & Online Trading' stock market newsletter. It's packed full of innovative ideas which you can use to get started in the market - or improve your own stock trading.

A Word From CT

As you know, I do not accept compensation to endorse any product, strategy, or company.

Until yesterday, my personal bookshelf contained only one trading book -"God's Rhythm" written by Greg Dalessandri.

I now have a second book - "Read the Greed-Take the Money"
written by 24 year veteran trader - Mike Reed.

This book reveals a life-time of experience in 2 hours of reading. This is a nuts and bolts approach. Mike shows you the exact set-ups he has used day in and day out to become a trading legacy. I loved the simplicity.

Mike doesn't bury you in complicated indicators that only confuse you. This is a straight forward, easy to read, easy to understand approach that will have you up and trading "profitably" with a greater understanding of the emotions that drive the markets. "Read the Greed" is the perfect companion to "God's Rhythm", two books no serious trader should ever be without. Visit Mike today at Special Price expires October 31st.

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