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David Williams of on the S&P Messenger Pro / The Free Trial will make you a believer!

The Faulking Truth with Mark Faulk, Debi Kiontke and Deli Dog followed by Prosperity for God's People

Janesville woman reports fraud (Published Monday, November 20, 2006 11:23:53 AM CST)

Gazette Staff

A Janesville woman told police that a Janesville man she knows forged and cancelled stock certificates worth $11,000 in her name without her permission. According to Janesville police reports: The woman said she was dating the man, even though he was married. In May, she went with him to Las Vegas, where she was convinced to invest in diamond mine stocks. She spent $500 to purchased 5 million shares of stock valued at 0.0001 cent per share and set up a "dynasty trust." Before returning home, the man gifted the woman an additional $10,500 worth of shares.Shortly after returning home, the woman ended the relationship and registered her stocks with a transfer agent in Las Vegas. When the woman called to check on the stocks in October, the transfer agent told her the man had cancelled the stocks and may have reallocated them. The woman said the stocks are in her name, officially allocated to her and she never gave consent for them to be transferred. She said she holds documentation for the shares she invested in and that were gifted to her from the man. The woman believes the man is involved in misappropriation and possibly fraudulent share transfers because he has invested $600,000 worth of shares in the company and has been transferring stock to and from people and taking those stocks back. She said he is doing it without the investors' knowledge and requesting they sign forms indicating they have received a gift for several hundred thousand or million shares. She said he is not a licensed broker, but has been portraying he is. It was recommended the police department not follow up on the case, but forward the information to several other agencies that were monitoring the situation, including the Bureau of Registration Enforcement.

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Hugo Cancio CEO - Fuego Entertainment (FUGO) aquires VSEN and we discuss Fuego's role in the coming economic revolution in Cuba

(FUGO)Fuego Entertainment Announces the Acquisition of Vision Sports Entertainment Network with 24 Affiliate Stations Reaching 14 Million US Households

Monday November 20, 10:13 am ET
MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fuego Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB:FUGO) today announces that it has acquired Vision Sports Entertainment Network (VSEN-TV), broadcasting on 24 affiliate stations and reaching over 14 million US households. Based in Burbank, VSEN-TV will relocate to Las Vegas, NV, and its founder, Rod Myers, will remain President of this wholly owned subsidiary of Fuego Entertainment under a three-year employment agreement. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

"We are very excited to penetrate so many markets with this acquisition and go on-the-air with 24-hour broadcasting. While VSEN-TV is broadcasting in English, we hope to utilize some of the content for FuegoTV's Spanish-speaking viewers as well," stated Hugo Cancio, CEO of Fuego Entertainment. "Our sales and management teams are working to promote VSEN-TV with national advertisers and we are committed to developing its infrastructure internally and through future acquisitions."

The Arena2 Football League, World Dirt Racing League, IBL Basketball, and Freestyle Fighting are leading programs on VSEN-TV. Also showing extreme sports, movies, talk shows, and gambling events, VSEN-TV provides an attractive advertising platform for media buyers on local and national levels.

"Having launched VSEN-TV in July 2006, the network has been successful in collaborating with various programming suppliers and television broadcasters," said Rod Myers, President of VSEN-TV and General Manager of FuegoTV's channel 28 in Las Vegas, NV. "Our current partners and sponsors, together with Fuego Entertainment's leadership, will increase our brand awareness to sporting enthusiasts and continue our expansion onto additional stations."
VSEN-TV is currently broadcasting in Wichita, Hartford, Fresno, Sacramento, Louisville, Biloxi, Dayton, Houston, Mobile, Buffalo, Springfield (MA), Little Rock, the US Virgin Islands, and other markets.

About Vision Sports Entertainment Network
Vision Sports Entertainment Network is a television broadcasting company with 24 affiliate stations reaching 14 million US households. Primarily distributing sports programming, VSEN-TV's headquarters is located in Burbank, California. For more information, please visit VSEN-TV's website at
About Fuego Entertainment, Inc.


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Aaron Russo - Freedom to Fascism Live on CFRN / Co-hosted by Bud Burrell

The Interview that defines Aaron Russo, the man behind the movie.

Dear Lovers of Liberty, the struggle is just beginning!

Get ready...

Are you aware by May of 2008 the law will require you to carry a national identification card?

Are you aware that there are plans being developed to have all Americans embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) computer chip under their skin so they can be tracked wherever they go?

Are you aware the Supreme Court has ruled that the government has no authority to impose a direct unapportioned tax on the labor of the American people, and the 16th Amendment does not give the government that power?

Are you aware that computer voting machines can be rigged and there is no way to ensure that your vote is counted?

Aaron Russo is proud to announce the opening of "America: Freedom to Fascism" in theaters around the country. Tell your friends, family and co-workers - Everyone must see this film! Please forward this email to everyone you know!

Aaron Russo
Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, producer Aaron Russo began promoting rock and roll shows at local theaters while still a high school student. He then worked for his family's undergarment business, where in 1963, he designed the first ladies bikini under wear. Five years later the twenty four year old entrepreneur opened his own nightclub in Chicago called the Kinetic Playground which became a driving force in the music business, where Aaron helped create the careers of many legendary performers, such as Led Zeppelin. Aaron was responsible for bringing them to America for the first time. He also promoted some of the 60's most successful rock acts, including The Who, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.

In 1972, Russo began his seven year partnership with Bette Midler, who became a superstar during his management of her career. In 1975 he produced the Tony award- winning "Clams on the Half-Shell Revue," which starred Bette Midler and Lionel Hampton. At the time it was the most successful ten-week broadway revue in history, grossing more than $1.8 million. While serving as Midler's manager, Russo created and managed the Manhattan Transfer. Later his roster would include such personalities as David Keith, Frederic Forest, Susan Sarandon and other notable clients.

When Russo turned to producing feature films, his production of "The Rose", introduced Bette Midler to motion picture audiences. Midler received an Academy Award nomination as best actress. "The Rose" is considered by many to be the classic rock n' roll film. Russo also produced "Trading Places," starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, which has become a Christmas classic, and "Teachers," starring Nick Nolte, Morgan Freeman, and Ralph Macchio.

Over the past years, Russo has received numerous awards for his achievements. They include a Grammy, a Tony, an Emmy for producing the best television special of the year "OL' Red Hair is Back," starring Dustin Hoffman and Bette Midler, plus many gold and platinum records. To date his films have been nominated for six Academy Awards, as well as seven Golden Globes. His films have won three Golden Globes, as well as the Image Award.

He is now writing, producing, and directing a new feature film/documentary titled "America...From Freedom To Fascism". The film is an expose of the Internal Revenue Service, and proves conclusively there is no law requiring an American citizen to pay a direct unapportioned Tax on their labor. The film is very provocative and is receiving standing ovations at its previews.

In 1996 Russo made a political video entitled "Aaron Russo's Mad as Hell", which was a hit throughout America. He was asked by the people of Nevada to run for governor and he made the decision to do so. The powers that be in Nevada scoffed at his decision to run for governor but were very surprised when he finished second with nearly thirty percent of the vote, beating the sitting lieutenant governor. In January of 2004, he declared his candidacy for the Libertarian Party's nomination for President of the Untied States. At the Convention in May, Russo won the first two ballots, but not a majority. He was defeated on the third and final ballot. He then channelled his energy into writing/directing America: From Freedom to Fascism.

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