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Bud Burrell on CMKX - Risk, Uncertainty, or Blind Faith?

Universal Express CEO Predicts Increased Share Price When Ill thought ``Naked Short'' Grandfather Clause is Eliminated
[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Dec 27 7:38 AMNEW YORK----Universal Express Inc. , announces that during its recent webcast, Universal Express Chairman Richard A. Altomare, predicted that should the SEC this month eliminate its "Grandfather Clause" protecting uncovered naked short positions, the Company's shares could substantially rise above its present per share price.

The Faulking Truth - Mark Faulk and Debi Kiontke Discuss CMKX and Savant Presents a Year in Review and Our Golden Future

Shorting Google May Equal Long Jail Term
WebProNews - Dec 27 5:51 AMA Tennessee investment manager is in hot water with federal authorities who have indicted him for defrauding investors, a fraud that the manager hoped to reverse by shorting shares of Google. It didn't quite work out for Jon Hankins the way he hoped it would. Instead of seeing dreams of an overvalued Google drop, they increased instead. Before he knew it, the investment turned into a $20 million ...

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The Faulking Truth - Mark Faulk and Debi Kiontke on the CMKX Christmas Gift and CFRN enters negotiations with TOGI Entertainment

Press Release
Source: CMKM Diamonds Inc.
CMKM Diamonds Issues UpdateWednesday December 20, 3:55 pm ET

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On Tuesday, The Company met with their corporate attorney, John T. Moran III of the Moran Law Firm, to discuss the status of interpleader to be filed with the Federal Court as discussed in the PR of 8-28-06. The Company was informed that the pleadings are almost complete, however, Attorney Moran was made aware of and discovered additional Company information that dictated further investigation and due diligence that needed to be performed by all of the attorneys involved before the document can be completed.

"Because this is the first ever interplead action that we know of to be used for purpose of accounting and earmarking certificates to those shareholders presenting viable equity in a once public company, extreme care must be taken to insure that every possible issue is addressed," stated a company director, Urban Casavant.

The Company requests that all shareholder emails, calls, faxes and any other type of communication to Attorney Moran be halted at this time.

The Company understands the frustration that shareholders are experiencing due to the long intervals between news releases. In response, Interim CEO of the Company, Kevin West, stated "In order to provide our shareholders with information that is up to date and consistent, the Board has directed that a press release be sent out at a minimum of every 30 days to inform shareholders on the status of the interpleader and to address any other company news."
The Company once again wishes to communicate to its shareholders that the message boards and chat rooms are not the place to find official news from the Company. The Company will only disseminate information to its shareholders through the use of an official press release.
CMKM Diamonds wishes all of its shareholders and their families a safe and happy holiday season.

(You waited all year for it.............enjoy it I guess)

TogiEntertainment signs Letter of Interest with CFRN!

TogiEntertainment and have entered into a Letter of Intent with the purpose of acquiring CFRN Radio and using it as a foundation to build a broad-based radio internet network, to be called TOGI Internet Radio. Assuming the acquisition is completed, TOGI Internet Radio and CFRN will become a subsidiary of TogiEntertainment, and CFRN founder and owner DeWayne Reeves will join the TogiEntertainment family.

The goal of TOGI Internet Radio is to fill the gap between what is offered by mainstream media, radio, and entertainment, and what people really want to hear – in music, politics, writing, lifestyles, and culture. In other words, TOGI Internet Radio would serve niche markets that are overlooked by traditional media formats. Our intent is to offer quality content beyond the cheap, pointless entertainment currently out in the marketplace. In other words, “Politics, Lifestyles, and Entertainment for Heart, Mind, and Soul.”

The plan is to maintain CFRN as one component of TOGI Internet Radio, and gradually add shows over the course of the next six months. We intend to attract sponsors as the network grows, add new sponsors as we increase content and viewership, and eventually syndicate the most successful shows on traditional radio stations across the country as weekly shows, which in turn will generate more revenue and increase visibility for the network itself. TOGI Internet Radio will also become an important component of our overall marketing plans, utilizing cross-marketing to promote our other revenue-generating projects.

TogiEntertainment believes that, much in the same manner that the blogosphere has begun to replace the traditional media as the primary source for news and entertainment, internet radio is the future of radio. We have already begun to lay the groundwork for our projected venture into this exciting field, with a full slate of shows planned to launch over the next few months.

We intend to divide the network into five major components:

POLITICS: TOGI Internet Radio will produce shows dealing with political issues and the culture of greed. Our shows will deal with such diverse topics as political influence driven by greed: manipulation and corruption in our financial markets, voting manipulation, how the oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, defense contractors, etc. influence control our political systems. We also intend to give bloggers an outlet to speak out on issues that are covered on internet websites which have become the fastest-growing news source in the world.

ENTERTAINMENT: Again, we intend to fill the void created by the narrow format of mainstream radio, film, and publishing. Our shows will be edgy and current, and will feature music and interviews from rising indie music performers and authors, and shows geared towards a young audience whose tastes in music, reading, and films have been ignored by the corporate groups who control the current format on traditional outlets.

LIFESTYLES: This will be a network for the “baby boomers” generation and future retirees, encompassing recreational activities, medical and health issues, exercise, and even financial healthcare.

DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Every day, new technologies are created that have the potential to change the face of our world and lifestyles. TOGI Internet Radio will feature shows about cutting edge technologies in all fields: medical, technology, environmental, etc.

CFRN RADIO: Where it all began. This corner of TOGI Internet Radio will expand on the foundation laid out by, dealing with “all of the above,” but in a Christian-based format – entertainment, lifestyles, finances, etc. It will be everything that CFRN has become known for…sevenfold. has grown exponentially over the past few years to become the number one rated network on, beating out other financial shows, including Jim Cramer’s show, Kudlow and Company, and CNN Business Radio. TogiEntertainment is excited to have the opportunity to work towards bringing internet radio to the masses using CFRN as a foundation.

TogiEntertainment CEO Mark Faulk and CFRN Founder DeWayne Reeves will discuss the proposed acquisition Friday morning on The Mark and Debi Show on, which will air live at 9:30 A.M. EST on , and will be available for download after the show at

In addition, Mark Faulk has requested to add to the update.

Happy holidays, everyone!!

It’s been a busy month for TogiEntertainment. All of our projects are moving forward, and we’re still negotiating on new projects “behind the scenes.”

On Wednesday, December 13th, MTV sent a production crew to Oklahoma City to shoot footage for the upcoming VH1 series that will feature former Color Me Badd lead singer Bryan Abrams and members of N*Sync, LFO, and 98 Degrees, scheduled to air in April and May of 2007. We spent several days preparing for the shoot, putting the finishing touches on our new office, and creating posters, signs, and logos for the Bryan Abrams book project and TogiEntertainment to maximize the exposure for both the book and our company. The crews spent the morning shooting “family shots” at Bryan and Kim’s house, then they came to the TogiEntertainment offices to shoot footage of Bryan, TogiEntertainment CEO Mark Faulk, and Tommy Quon of TQ Management discussing the VH1 series and the book project. The entire on-camera interview lasted about 45 minutes, and opened and closed with a close-up of the Bryan Abrams: From Blessed to Badd poster on our office wall. If they use even 30 seconds of it on the VH1 show in April, it will be more than worth the effort and preparation to reach a worldwide VH1 audience.

Bryan and I also began taping interviews for his book this week, and even the first interviews reveals some incredible stories about his life that have never been heard before. Bryan Abrams: From Badd to Blessed promises to be a fascinating and revealing look at one of the biggest musical talents of the past decade. Also, Bryan’s official website has been revamped, and will include regular updates on all of his projects:

Peggy Sue Gerron is hard at work on her story as well, and every chapter has been revealing more details of an incredible life, and will finally set the record straight about Buddy Holly. The book is already stirring up controversy, and Peggy Sue has been busy collecting other items to include in Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue? that will make her untold story even more unique. We’re continuing talks with the producers of the Letterman Show, and contacting other major shows as well. Peggy Sue has also been invited to submit a video to be aired at the “50s in February” celebration to be held on the weekend of the fateful plane crash that claimed the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper.

The galley for What Gives? has been approved by our editing staff, and the finalized version book is now on its way to be printed. We have already begun to receive pre-orders for the book, and What Gives? will begin shipping in mid to late January. Our promotional staff is hard at work putting together the next phase of this project, contacting the media and planning promotional events to publicize this important work.

Mark Faulk has begun writing again on The Naked Truth: Counterfeiting the American Dream, and CMKX has finally begun communicating with their shareholders again. Hopefully, some substantial events will transpire SOON!!! and this one can be released in the next few weeks as well. It will be worth the wait.

We will have some exciting announcements over the next few weeks, as we begin to finalize other deals that are currently in the works.

We at the Owners Group Inc and TogiEntertainment hope that everyone has a blessed and happy holiday season!!!

For more information about Togi Entertainment, go to

TogiEntertainment in the news:

The Reason for the Season - A Non-Financial Spiritual Message with James Callahan

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People

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CEO Mike Nguyen Founder and Visionary of Nettel Holdings - NTTL

Nettel Holdings Announces the Release of an Independent Analyst Report by Wasserman Morris & Co.

1st Analyst Coverage of NTTL results in Buy Rating

Interview with CEO Mike Nguyen

John Forman Best Selling Author - "The Essentials of Trading"

Learn what it takes to trade successfully

Whether you are a new trader looking to learn trading, or you have some trading experience but want to improve your performance, you've come to the right place!

The principle behind The Essentials of Trading is the conviction that there are certain things all traders need to know and understand to trade effectively. It does not matter whether you trade stocks, forex, futures, options, indices, or commodities. There are trading basics you need to succeed.

John Forman, creator of The Essentials of Trading, has years of both personal and professional market experience spanning just about every market you could imagine trading. He will help you learn trading from the very basics up to building yourself a profitable trading strategy.

"What makes John Forman uniquely qualified to teach both the aspiring trader as well as the veteran about professional trading? It’s because John is one of the few traders around that has been proven able to break down successful trading to its bare essentials and communicate it in a way so that the individual can confidently go on to achieve the consistency and reliability they seek in trading today’s markets. Do you want to take your trading to a new level and reach its full potential? Then go now and learn everything you can from this man."

Monday - Prosperity for God's People

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Special Report - The Manipulation of Gold with Bill Murphy of, Savant, Mark Faulk and Debi Kiontke

The James Joyce Table
Midas du Metropole Topic du Jour

December 15 - Gold $614.60 down $11.50 - Silver $12.81 down 98 cents

A MIDAS For Fans Of Political Incorrectness … "Know Your Limits""When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." Frederic Bastiat GO GATA!

Another one of those lockdown, swear word days … which turned into a crashing takedown following the London Fixes of $626.00 and $623.75. The farce goes on and on … in the same manner … and by the same people. After early strength which saw gold reach $629 in New York, Morgan Stanley began to bomb the market, offering 500 lots at a clip. $630 was defended all week as The Gold Cartel lay in wait for a Friday afternoon bomb raid. The Gold Cartel attacked early. As the day wore on, the funds were the heavy sellers and the cabal crowd were the buyers. You might like to know that 30 seconds BEFORE the CPI number was released, the euro began to sink fast.

I was dead right about silver exploding, just the wrong way. Well, perhaps imploding would be more appropriate. What a farce this gold/silver mess is … make that travesty.
(continue reading at )

William J. Murphy III is the Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and owner of A graduate of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1968, he went to become a starting wide receiver with the Boston Patriots of the American Football League. Mr. Murphy, who now resides in Dallas, Texas, spent much of his business career in the Futures Industry with such firms as Drexel Burnham and Shearson Hayden Stone. Today, he writes gold market commentary for his financial web site that features the precious metals and contrarian economic analysis. Copyright 1999-2006 LeMetropoleCafe.comAll Rights Reserved

Baird Montgomery - Weekly Chat / This week we cover Christmas, the markets, and a personal relationship...

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The Debi Kiontke Show w/ Dr. Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. Chief Executive Manager of STP Advisory Services and Senior Research Economist

Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. is Chief Executive Manager of STP Advisory Services and Senior Research Economist. She is an experienced business professional with 20 years in financial services. Her academic experience includes economics and finance courses taught at New York University's Department of Economics, Stern School of Business and New York Institute of Finance.

Trimbath was Senior Advisor on a Capital Markets Project in Russia for the United States Agency for International Development and has held research and operations management positions at Milken Institute, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Pacific Clearing Corporation (San Francisco) and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Trimbath's comments on economic and finance issues appear frequently in the media. She authored Mergers and Efficiency: Changes Across Time, co-authored Beyond Junk Bonds: Expanding High Yield Markets, and co-edited Lessons from the Savings and Loan Crisis.
Trimbath holds a BS in Marketing from Cal State East Bay (Hayward), an MBA in Management from Golden Gate University and received her Ph.D. in Economics from New York University.

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People w/ Greg from TradingFaith, Savant, Mike from TradeStalker, David from PageTrader, and Pastor Frank

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NTTL - Nettel Holdings Special Report with Mike Russo


Nettel Holdings Corporation is a holding company owning subsidiaries engaged in a number of diverse business activities, the most important of which are Telecommunication and Software. As an incubator for high technology companies, Nettel Holdings is dedicated to nurturing high-growth, high-tech businesses into profitable industry leaders. In addition to providing the necessary financing, Nettel Holdings provides business support services that accelerated the successful development of our subsidiaries by providing them with an array of targeted resources and services. with Baird Montgomery

The Faulking Truth with Mark Faulk and Debi Kiontke

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Specter, Grassley eye SEC probe of hedge fund and Morgan Stanley CEO

December 5 2006: 4:21 PM EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Two senior lawmakers Tuesday questioned how market regulators handled an insider trading probe involving hedge fund Pequot Capital and John Mack, CEO of Wall Street investment house Morgan Stanley.

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Specter, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he was disturbed by the Securities and Exchange Commission's management of the matter.
"At best it looks like extraordinarily lax enforcement by the Securities and Exchange Commission ... At worst, it has the overtone of a possible cover-up," Specter said at a hearing by his committee that looked into the Pequot investigation.

At the close of the hearing, where officials involved in the probe testified, Specter said, "We are not finished with this. There are people under oath with directly contradictory testimony. It's very, very troubling."

The Pequot affair emerged earlier this year when former SEC attorney Gary Aguirre alleged he was fired and the probe, which he had led, was halted after it got too close to Mack.

The bond market's dirty secret
Aguirre said he suspected that Mack tipped Pequot to a 2001 merger deal that allowed the hedge fund to make an illegal $18 million insider-trading profit. At the time, Mack worked at a different investment bank. He earlier had led Pequot, as well.

Aguirre claimed he wanted to subpoena Mack, but was stopped by SEC supervisors because of Mack's political clout. When he pressed the issue, Aguirre said, he was fired, despite being praised earlier by superiors and getting a pay raise.

Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley said at the hearing that the case "raises serious questions for me about whether 'captains of industry' get the same treatment as regular investors or whether they get treated with kid gloves."

SEC officials told the Senate panel that Aguirre was fired because of a series of problems at work and that the Pequot probe was not influenced by political sensitivities.

SEC Enforcement Director Linda Thomsen said Aguirre's allegations "are simply not true."
Aguirre was dismissed from the SEC on Sept. 1, 2005, after a year on the job, due to his "inability to work effectively with other staff and his unwillingness to operate within the Securities and Exchange Commission process," Thomsen said.

SEC Enforcement Division Branch Chief Robert Hanson told the committee that he has no reason to believe political considerations came into play in the Pequot probe. SEC Enforcement Division Assistant Director Mark Kreitman, a former Aguirre supervisor, said at the hearing that Aguirre threw "tantrums" at the office, "storming down the halls in a furious crouch and abruptly left the office without leave on a number of occasions." He said no politics affected the probe.

Responding to SEC officials, Aguirre told the committee: "I have not seen a single piece of paper backing anything that they have said and I've been trying to get it."

A second individual raised questions about the handling of the investigation at the hearing. Eric Ribelin, branch chief in the SEC's Office of Market Surveillance, told the committee he was "stunned" and "outraged" when Aguirre was dismissed.

"Gary Aguirre was a tenacious investigator in an aggressive investigation. In my judgment, he's a professional," said Ribelin, who worked with Aguirre on the Pequot inquiry.

He said something "smelled rotten" about the probe. He questioned the commitment to it of
other SEC officials.

Morgan Stanley (Charts), which competes with investment banking giants Bear Stearns (Charts) and Goldman Sachs (Charts) among others, said last week that the SEC had formally cleared Mack in the probe of Pequot. The hedge fund said in October it had been cleared.
No SEC charges have been filed against anyone in the Pequot matter. Thomsen said Pequot was thoroughly investigated. She added: "We did not find sufficient evidence to support an enforcement action. Accordingly our investigation was closed."

Hedge funds have gained prominence among investment banks in recent years. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (Charts) last year bought a 20 percent stake in Ospraie Management LP, a $2 billion hedge fund firm that invests in commodities and raw materials. Merrill Lynch (Charts) in October bought a minority stake in DiMaio Ahmad Capital, which manages $2 billion in assets.

Trading Time Frames - Conference call with John Forman and Mike Reed

John Forman
Mike Reed

The Debi Kiontke Show - SEC Under Investigation

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People