Friday, December 08, 2006

The Faulking Truth with Mark Faulk and Debi Kiontke


  1. Debi Kiontke likes to censor facts over at the CT board. Here are facts for all to see.

    CIM is in DEFAULT and will be REVOKED on 02/01/2007

    If a corporation, after one year the report was due and placed under DEFAULT, if a corporation does not file the "past due" report within one (1) year the NSOS will place that corporation's charter REVOKED.

    Find the rules here

    Seek the facts. Do not allow certain individuals to censor you from the facts.

  2. DeWayne,

    When are you going to ask Debi Kiontke to start backing up her posts about CMKX with fact. You seem to allow her to do and say whatever she wants over at your CT board. Why is this DeWayne? Does she have something on you or do you back all her CMKX untruth?

    Anytime you wnat to comment:


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