Friday, January 12, 2007

Nettel Holdings Update w/ Mike Russo


Press Release
Source: Nettel Holdings

AVOP Launched Aggressive Marketing Campaign Working With SellersFriday

January 12, 1:11 pm ET
PORTLAND, OR- AVOP Division, today announced it has Launched an Aggressive Marketing Campaign to attract new Sellers of minutes to meet the increased demand of new international buyers.

Progress from telecom sales over the pass two quarters has been overwhelmingly positive. Current buyers are very satisfied with our performance and consistency. They have been placing orders for additional telecom minutes at a much larger volume than what our current suppliers can provide. We have received firm commitments from these buyers for over 2 million minutes per day. This would generate a gross revenue of over $100K per day for Nettel. In addition to ramping up current providers, we are aggressively looking for more reliable suppliers with good routes at competitive prices. We expect the process of finding and testing qualified reliable suppliers on a consistent basis could take up to 4 or 5 months.

Our Account Specialists have been taking steps to prepare for the anticipated traffic and revenue resulting from the activation of these new buyers and sellers.

Selling minutes to AVOP has many advantages over other exchanges. AVOP at this time is the only exchange in the telecom industry that offer the sellers instant access to over 5 million LIVE minutes per day. In addition, by selling minutes to AVOP, they will no longer have to wait 30-45 days to receive payment for the minutes that were sold today. We provide suppliers with the fastest way to earn quick revenue by being the only Exchange in the industry that pays the same day. Suppliers can log into their account 24 hours a day, post the routes they have available, and be able to receive instant live traffic sent from AVOP to their gateways within 1-2 hours.

Here are a few examples of the destinations and the daily volumes that our buyers are actively filling:
Destination Rate Min. per day Revenue
Guatemala, mobile .076 221,309 $16,819
Philippines, mobile .098 282,753 $27,636
Nigeria, mobile .084 193,197 $16,228
To view the rest of the destinations available, please go to and click on Download daily target buy rate link.
For current members, to fill these orders, please log into your account and post the route. For non-members, please go to carrier sales at with the destination, rate and the daily volume you can provide.
Contact: Contact:
Investor Relations

Source: Nettel Holdings

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