Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Debi Kiontke Show - Derivative Dirt, Fiat Fallacies, and the Golden Rule of Survival w/ Macro-Economist Rob Kirby

Crude Revelations

We hear much in the media regarding the cost of the war in Iraq in terms of lives lost – the human costs – and hardly a week goes by without some media account – or debate - of the war's cost in dollar terms.

“Even if the U.S. exits Iraq within another three years, total direct and indirect costs to U.S. taxpayers will likely be [sic] more than $400 billion, and one estimate puts the total economic impact at up to $2 trillion.”

While it's not my intention, in this space, to diminish the importance of these headline grabbing issues – I would like to draw the readers' attention to a few additional crude facts.

Most if not all of us are well aware that Iraq holds the world's second largest conventional oil reserves. Heck, even the U.S. Government acknowledges this fact,
“Nonsense aside, the sands of Iraq hold oil... lots of it.

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) , " Iraq holds more than 112 billion barrels of oil - the world's second largest proven reserves. Iraq also contains 110 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and is a focal point for regional and international security issues."

And let's not forget the future potential ;
“While its proven oil reserves of 112 billion barrels ranks Iraq second in the world [sic] behind Saudi Arabia, EIA estimates that up to 90-percent of the county remains unexplored due to years of wars and sanctions. Unexplored regions of Iraq could yield an additional 100 billion barrels.”

Interesting, isn't it, that when one speaks of Iraq, crude oil and future potential – you intuitively know that a discussion relating to BANKING, FIAT MONEY and FUTURES cannot be far behind. [more.....signup] [open pdf....members]

Dead Presidents' Society
We truly do live in a complex world, don't we?
We have jobs, families, outside interests, concerns about the environment, concerns about our health, taxes and mortgages to pay, along with the rising costs of food, energy and housing.
Sometimes it's hard to make sense of it all - quite a rat race, isn't it?

Have you ever noticed how every now and then, someone steps forward and says or does something that resonates so clearly – clarity descends on mayhem - it's like bells go off in your ears?

I recently had one of those eye opening experiences when I listened to famed Hollywood director - Mr. Aaron Russo, being interviewed by Paul Joseph Watson.

Elementary, My Dear Watson
For me, the poignant moment in Watson's interview was when Russo revealed that after his popular video Mad As Hell was released and he began his campaign to become Governor of Nevada, Russo was noticed by [Nick] Rockefeller and introduced to him by a female attorney. Seeing Russo's passion and ability to affect change, Rockefeller set about on a subtle mission to recruit Russo into the [ CFR ] elite.

During one conversation, Rockefeller asked Russo if he was interested in joining the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) but Russo rejected the invitation, saying he had no interest in "enslaving the people" to which Rockefeller coldly questioned why he cared about the "serfs."

The interview continues with Russo revealing,
"I used to say to him what's the point of all this," states Russo, "you have all the money in the world you need, you have all the power you need, what's the point, what's the end goal?" to which Rockefeller replied (paraphrasing), "The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world."
Rockefeller even assured Russo that if he joined the elite his chip would be specially marked so as to avoid undue inspection by the authorities.
This all sounds deliciously conspiratorial, doesn't it? [more.....signup] [open pdf....members]

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