Friday, March 30, 2007

Nettel Holdings Creates a True Global Village / Global Instant Language Translator will change the world in which we live.


Talking Technologies Announces the Completion of a New Software Engine That Revolutionizes the Way We Communicate With Foreign Languages

Friday March 30, 9:57 am ET
PORTLAND, OR--Mar 30, 2007 -- Nettel Holdings, Inc. division, Talking Technologies, announced the completion of a new software engine that revolutionizes the way we communicate with foreign languages.

Global Instant Translator allows users to directly communicate with others in real time even though they do not share a common language. The software allows users to speak another language as if they were born into it. Its speech-to-speech engine instantly translates words and phrases between different languages. Beta testers have been amazed at how human-like the voices really are.

Global Instant Translator is currently available in the basic and premium edition. The Basic edition contains over 6,000 pre-recorded common phrases. It can be downloaded and installed on any laptop, PDA, Smartphone, Blackberry, and certain cellular phones. Once installed, you say a word or phrase in English, and the software recognizes what you said and pronounces the other language translation of the word or phrase. It will also work in the reverse direction. When a foreign language is spoken, you will instantly hear the English translation of it. The program works fast and has very high accuracy. It uses real native human voices in their distinctive word or Phrase Book. Currently the basic version is able to translate to/from 14 languages. We are currently working on adding additional languages.

Global Instant Translator Premium edition is the ultimate breakthrough in speech-to-speech technology. With the premium version, the user doesn't need to memorize any pre-recorded words or phrases. It provides bi-directional real-time, interactive language translation and interpretation of any words or phrases. You say a word or phrase in English, and the software recognizes what you said and pronounces the other language translation of the word or phrase. In addition the Global Translator will work in the reverse direction. When a foreign language is spoken, you will hear the English translation. The premium version speech-to-speech engine creates a human vocal tract simulation by modeling sounds of the native language. Currently the premium version is able to translate to/from English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. We are currently working on adding additional languages.

Talking Technologies Global Instant Translator software engine meets every translation challenge on every level. Its global broadcast feature allows you to address multiple parties at once in different languages.

It is an essential tool for people from all walks of life including: business people, students, educators, writers, lawyers, law enforcement, hospital, retail stores, travel agencies, governmental organization, and all military personnel stationed in a foreign country.

For more information on Global Instant Translator, please visit
Contact: Contact:
Investor Relations

The Faulking Truth w/ Mark Faulk and Debi Kiontke - CMKX Got News?


CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Announces a Change in Directors
Friday March 30, 12:01 am ET

CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Hires Frizzell Law Firm to Start the Process of Recovering AssetsFriday
March 30, 10:35 am ET

Perhaps this NOW makes sense...................

We hope so!

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People


CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Hires Frizzell Law Firm to Start the Process of Recovering Assets

[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Mar 30 7:35 AM

CMKM Diamonds, Inc. is in receipt of the Shareholder Derivative Rights Demand letter that was prepared on behalf of the shareholders by Bill Frizzell. We are currently investigating many facts that will help us decide the best order of filing lawsuits in a quest to recover monies and assets that belong to the shareholders of this Company.

CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Announces a Change in Directors
[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Mar 29 9:01 PM

LAS VEGAS----On March 29, 2007, Urban Casavant stepped down as Chairman of the Board, sole Director, President, Secretary and Treasurer of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. "My health issues are forcing my resignation, but I believe that I have finally found the right man to take over at the helm," stated Mr.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Weekly Feature - The Nettel Radio Hour w/ Mike Russo


Read Candlesticks Like A Newspaper / Stephen Bigalow Founder -

In addition to his popular books on "Profitable Candlestick Trading" and "High Profit Candlestick Patterns", Stephen Bigalow has many articles featured in "Future's Magazine", "Stocks & Commodities", "Trader's World", London's "Morning Star", and other investment publications.

Refer to this page often to enhance your education on the art and science of using Japanese Candlesticks to trade effectively.

Read Steve's latest article - Bigger Profits with Candlestick Signals and Market Patterns - in the March ChartFilter Technical Newsletter.

Be sure to pick up your copy of February 2007, Stocks and Commodities Magazine to read Stephen's featured article on the BeltHold Signal.

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People / The Truth About Mr. Rogers and everything else you need to know...

The Debi Kiontke Show

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday - Prosperity for God's People / Life in Cramerica

Living in Cramerica
by Mark Faulk

(Editor’s note: All Mad Money sound effects in this article are for entertainment purposes only, and not in any way a recommendation to do bodily harm to Jim Cramer. He’ll get his in the end.)
Jim Cramer, sole ruler and psycho-king of Cramerica, is losing his (King) Midas touch. For the past two years, he has been ranting like a crack-crazed king on CNBC’s Mad Money, a caricature so grotesque and absurd that, like a gruesome car wreck, America couldn’t help but stop and stare. (Cue Mad Money sound effect of a car wrecking.)

Cramer is enough of an attention-starved sociopath that he mistook the freakshow curiousity element for real affection. Just as he can’t seem to discern the difference between right and wrong, or truth and lies, he seems to think that any attention is good attention.

Sometimes I feel sorry for him, other times I want to (as I’ve said a million times on my radio show), see him hauled off ranting and raving in handcuffs, screaming “booyah!!” as the lights go off on the set of Mad Money, (Okay, like Jim Cramer on the Imus in the Morning Show the other day, I lied…I never for a moment felt sorry for him.)

What’s really interesting about all the recent furor over Cramer’s admission that he is either a crook or a liar (or both), is why the same people and publications who came to his defense when he thumbed his nose at the SEC by writing “BULL!!!” in giant letters across a SEC-issued subpoena are suddenly throwing his bald head under the bus. Anyone who reads or knows that all three of those publications have been exposing Cramer for the lowlife crook that he is for months, if not years.
So why now? Did every mainstream newspaper in America suddenly wake up one day and collectively think to themselves “Hey, maybe those guys are right, maybe this Cramer character isn’t the Mother Teresa of stock picking that we’ve been portraying him as”? Or, as is usually the case, are they just following orders and assassinating a foot soldier who marched just a little too far outside the ranks? (Cue Mad Money sound effect of a firing squad.)

Why have Cramer’s comments on the clip of an interview he did on... more

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Azco Update - The Jewel of CT's Triple Crown Completes Filings, Moves to OTCBB, Prepares to Begin Production at Summit / Summit Value $250m US


From the Desk of CT
Summit valued at $250m US based on current metal prices. AZMN has approximately 60m shares outstanding. Simple math shows me a value of $4 per share if the Summit were the only property owned by Azco Mining.

Azco also owns the Ortiz Goldfields with a 2m ounce reserve, the Black Canyon Mica Project, and the only MIO deposit in North America. The company recently retired all debt. Now that the company has completed their filings I forsee a move to the Amex in the near future.

In my opinion, Azco Mining - AZMN, continues to be the most undervalued asset on planet

CT does not accept cash, stock, warrants, or the promise thereof,
to profile or promote any company.
He works for YOU - The Christian Investor

Press Release
Source: Azco Mining Inc.

Azco Mining Resumes Trading on Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board

Thursday March 22, 8:58 am ET

GLENDALE, Ariz., March 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Azco Mining Inc. a U.S.-based mining and exploration enterprise focused on gold, silver, copper and industrial minerals, has resumed trading on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.

In November 2006, Azco Mining began trading on the Pink Sheets after a delay in financial reporting due to extra time required to complete an audit of the 2004 and 2005 financial statements of the Lordsburg Mining Company, which Azco Mining purchased in May 2006 in order to acquire the Summit silver- gold deposit located in Grant County, N.M. Last month, Azco filed a 10KSB and two 10QSBs, bringing the company current in its financial reporting.
Azco Mining CEO Dr. Pierce Carson said, "Our return to the OTCBB corresponds with the near completion of feasibility work on the company's Summit silver-gold project. We are poised to begin planning a schedule for project development after we receive an estimate of capital and operating costs from an independent engineering study. At today's metal prices, in- ground values at Summit are believed to exceed $250 million. Our top priority is to begin mining at Summit."

"The money we generate at Summit will be used to fund engineering and resource work on our Ortiz gold project and to pursue other precious and base metal opportunities for acquisition. With the filing issue now behind us, we are focused on maximizing value from our precious and industrial minerals projects for the benefit of shareholders."

About Azco Mining Inc.
Azco Mining is a U.S.-based mining and exploration company focused on acquiring and developing gold, silver, copper and industrial mineral properties. The company owns the Summit silver-gold property and a mill site and processing equipment in southwestern New Mexico; mineral lease rights to the Ortiz gold property in north-central New Mexico, believed to contain 2 million ounces of gold; the Black Canyon mica mine and processing facility near Phoenix, Ariz.; and a large resource of micaceous iron oxide MIO in western Arizona. Azco Mining intends to build a portfolio of high-quality, diversified mineral assets with an emphasis on precious metals. To learn more about Azco Mining Inc., visit

An investment profile about Azco Mining may be found at To receive free e-mail notification of future press releases for this company, sign up at
For investor relations information regarding Azco Mining, contact Frank Hawkins or Julie Marshall, Hawk Associates, at 305-451-1888, e-mail: . An online investor kit including press releases, current price quotes, stock charts and other valuable information for investors may be found at and

The information contained herein regarding risks and uncertainties, which may differ materially from those set forth in these statements, in addition to the economic, competitive, governmental, technological and other factors, constitutes a "forward-looking statement" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and is subject to the safe harbors created thereby. While the company believes that the assumptions underlying such forward-looking information are reasonable, any of the assumptions could prove inaccurate and, therefore, there can be no assurance that the forward-looking information will prove to be accurate. Accordingly, there may be differences between the actual results and the predicted results, and actual results may be materially higher or lower than those indicated in the forward-looking information contained herein.

Investor Relations Contact:
Hawk Associates, Inc.
Frank Hawkins and Ken AuYeung
Phone: 305-451-1888
Source: Azco Mining Inc.

Nettel Holdings Update w/ Mike Russo - Tougi Introduces Transparent Business Model

Press Release
Source: Nettel Holdings, Inc.

Tougi Launches New Enhanced Corporate Website

PORTLAND, OR--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 22, 2007 -- Nettel Holdings,Inc. - Tougi Division launches new enhanced corporate website.

The new corporate website ( combines significantly enhanced functionality with increased usability.

In addition, the refined corporate site offers new and enhanced features that will allow investors and clients to have a clear understanding of what products and services Tougi provides. Since we have been receiving new small and large orders on a regular basis, the "project" link will provide investors and clients with a summary view of current contracts and orders, as well as the current status of on going projects.

The look and feel of the new corporate website is very professional and represents Tougi very well. The site features a simple design with more intuitive functionality, is more user-friendly and accessible by clients and investors.

Over the past two months Tougi has been going through a great deal of expansion. We believe the new corporate website will affectively communicate our business model and services, as well as the status of business to our customers and the investing public.

In response to the growing inquiries about Tougi's current list of large orders, the company is in the final stages of updating the "Projects" page on its website. The updates of current large orders will be completed by March 27, 2007. The company encourages investors to visit other links on the new corporate website which is located at The current Tougi commerce exchange website for buyers and sellers is still located at

Contact: Contact:
Investor Relations

Source: Nettel Holdings, Inc.

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Faulking Truth - Attorney Bill Frizzell Files CMKX Derivatives Lawsuit

Inside Street IQ with CEO Wing Yu


Wing Yu CEO of Financial Content Inc. gives us an inside look at the fastest growing financial website on the internet, discusses the FCON.OB business model, the future of Podcasting, and the upcoming Web 2.0 Expo.

Financial Content Inc. FCON, only has 10m outstanding shares and less than 4m in the public float. The company which powers over 300 major financial websites, will be profitable this spring and has no debt. CT has added FCON to his personal portfolio making the company an official "CT Portfolio Builder"

EDGAR Online Financials Tue, Feb 27

FinancialContent Posts 2nd Quarter Results; Revenues Increase 52%
Market Wire Wed, Feb 14

FINANCIALCONTENT INC Files SEC form 10QSB, Quarterly Report
EDGAR Online Wed, Feb 14

FINANCIALCONTENT INC Files SEC form 8-K, Changes in Registrant's Certfying Accountant, Financial Statements and Exhib
EDGAR Online Thu, Feb 1

FinancialContent Launches Business Verticals at Newspaper Marketing Conference
Market Wire Tue, Jan 30 Targets Investors' Ears With Mobile Podcasts at CES 2007
PR Newswire Mon, Jan 8 to Exhibit Product Demos for Mobile, Video and Corporate Podcasting Initiatives at CES 2007
PR Newswire Tue, Dec 19

Podcast Alert: 2006 Holiday Shopping Guide
Market Wire Tue, Nov 28 Expands Business Podcast Coverage With New Website
Market Wire Mon, Nov 27

FINANCIALCONTENT INC Files SEC form 10QSB, Quarterly Report
EDGAR Online Tue, Nov 14

More Headlines for FCON.OB...

Buy Grains / Short OJ / Straddle Meat / Stop Hillary - with Baird Montgomery

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nettel Holdings Presents at Wealth Expo 2007


AVOP Ramps Up Sales After Completing Satisfactory Payment Arrangement With a Major Wholesale Provider

PORTLAND, OR--Mar 14, 2007 -- Nettel Holdings,Inc. division AVOP Ramps Up Sales after completing Satisfactory Payment Arrangement with a Major Wholesale Provider.

The initial letter of credit is for an additional $20K per day. This represents an increase of approximately 40% to current daily sales volume. AVOP will be receiving an invoice from this supplier on a daily basis for the minutes that were used the previous day. All of the buyers prepay for their daily block of minutes in advance. We are currently negotiating with other major direct wholesale suppliers on similar financial payment terms.

As stated in earlier releases, progress from telecom sales over the pass two quarters has been positive. AVOP is on track to meet the existing demand for $100,000 of new revenue per day. Selling minutes to AVOP has many advantages over other exchanges. AVOP is the only exchange in the telecom industry that offers suppliers instant access 24/7 to over 6 million LIVE minutes every day where they receive payments within 24 hours. Suppliers can log into their account 24 hours a day, post the routes they have available, and be able to receive instant live traffic sent from AVOP to their gateways within 1-2 hours. As a result of selling minutes to AVOP, sellers will no longer have to wait 30-45 days to receive payment for the minutes they sold. We provide suppliers with the fastest way to earn quick revenue.

Contact: Contact:
Investor Relations

Source: Nettel Holdings

Nettel Holdings to Present at The Wealth Expo in Atlanta on March 16-18

PORTLAND, OR--Mar 12, 2007 -- Nettel Holdings, Inc. today announced that the Company will be hosting a booth at The Wealth Expo in Atlanta between March 16 and March 18.
The Wealth Expo will be held from March 16 - 18, 2007 at the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The Wealth Expo brings micro-cap companies and micro-cap investors together in a highly attended three-day conference. Investors will hear from a number of renowned speakers in addition to presentations to potential investors by the CEOs of the exhibiting micro-cap companies.
Nettel Holdings will also be presenting at a Conference Breakout Session on Saturday, March 17. The presentation will highlight Nettel Holdings major accomplishments achieved and forward guidance on its rapidly expanding revenue base through wholly owned divisions and subsidiaries.

For further details on the Wealth Expo, visit

Contact: Contact:
Investor Relations

Source: Nettel Holdings, Inc.

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Debi Kiontke Show - Phantom Shares or just another Night at the Opera?

Click to watch "Phantom Shares" on Bloomberg

We began our investigation into Naked Shorting over 2 years ago. Regular guests have included Dr. Patrick Byrne, Dr. Susan Trenbath, Mark Faulk, Bud Burrell, Dave Patch and many others.

Archives are at

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People / Bloomberg drops bombshell "Phantom Shares" - CFRN listeners laugh at "Old News"

First heard on CFRN, now the venerable Bloomberg reports - "Phantom Shares"

We say, "Just another night at the Opera".

The rotund one is far from singing.

Why is there no concerted effort by Hedge Funds to lobby Congress?

If I made you rich, would you enact legistlation to stop me?

I think not..............

Phantom Shares on /

Monday, March 12, 2007

Interview with HealthSonix CEO Michael Ivezic (HSXI)


Clinical Results

To objectively monitor pre and post response to the Arthritis Treatment Centers treatments, patients are requested to complete the WOMAC (lower extremities) or DASH (upper extremities) questionnaires, which probe for clinically important, patient-relevant symptoms in the areas of pain, stiffness and physical function.

The WOMAC instrument is one of two recognized by the FDA for use in all arthritis clinical research studies. Arthritis Treatment Centers has made WOMAC assessments a standard practice in the centers' daily operations.

After the baseline arthritis index is created, patient-specific treatment goals are defined. This helps the patient visualize their progress and allows treatment centers professionals to standardize patient progress reports to referring doctors. The WOMAC reports also give our clinicians valuable feedback and are a key to refining the ongoing longer-term treatment protocols and exercise programs.

From 385 patients who completed the basic course of 10 treatments sessions, the documented results in the Toronto clinic were as follows:

Recent News
HealthSonix Update to Shareholders
Market Wire (Mon, Mar 5)

MoneyTV, Week of 3/2
Market Wire (Fri, Mar 2)

HealthSonix CEO Webcast With Now Available Online
Market Wire (Mon, Feb 26)

MoneyTV, Week of 2/23
Market Wire (Fri, Feb 23)

HealthSonix CEO to Be Interviewed Live on
Market Wire (Thu, Feb 22)

HealthSonix Invited to Present at Small Cap Expo in New York City
Market Wire (Tue, Feb 20)

HealthSonix Appoints CMI as Exclusive Distributor in South Korea for Its Medical Devices
Market Wire (Tue, Jan 9)

HealthSonix' Research Study Shows Clinically Significant Pain Reduction With Osteoarthritis Patients
Market Wire (Wed, Dec 13)

HealthSonix's AquaSonix Therapy Now Available at Two More State-of-the-Art Healthcare Facilities
Market Wire (Mon, Nov 20)

HealthSonix Commences New Clinical Trials to Expand Medical Claims for AquaSonix Therapy
Market Wire (Thu, Nov 9)
More Headlines for HSXI.PK...

Monday - Prosperity for God's People

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nettel Update with Mike Russo - Tougi Receives First Monthly $400k Order / AVOP Now Adding $20k Revenue Daily


Press Release
Source: Nettel Holdings, Inc

Tougi Receives First Significant Firm Orders for Automotive Parts and AccessoriesTuesday

March 6, 9:18 am ET
PORTLAND, OR--Mar 6, 2007 -- Nettel Holdings, Inc. division Tougi receives its first significant orders totaling about $400,000 per month.

These orders, as well as many others in the pipeline, will be recurring monthly. These agreements will last for 5-6 months and may be extended depending on overall product quality and on-time delivery. All orders will be prepaid by the buyer via wire transfer. Containers will be shipped out every two weeks. We estimate the first shipment to start within the next 45 days.

Tougi has been receiving new inquiries to purchase products on a daily basis. The amount of activity has mandated an increase of sales and support staff of 11 new people. We can expect from this activity to be receiving further significant orders from both domestic and international buyers in the near future.

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Faulking Truth - CFRN Signs Definitive Agreement with Togi Entertainment

TogiEntertainment, Inc., announces purchase of Christian Financial Radio Network (CFRN) by Mark Faulk

TogiEntertainment, Inc., is extremely pleased to announced that we have acquired

Our long-term plan is to use the network, and its well established audience, as a foundation to build a broad-based radio internet network, tentatively called TogiNetwork. Rated the number one network on after beating out 25,000 other financial shows, CFRN will remain a cornerstone of TOGI Internet Radio, expand its programming and become a subsidiary of TogiEntertainment.

CFRN founder and owner DeWayne Reeves will join the TogiEntertainment family.

“After much prayer and soul searching, I am completely confident in passing the baton to TogiEntertainment. I look forward to working with the Togi team and I'm excited about what the future holds for all of us, “said Mr. Reeves.

Togi Internet Radio plans to fill in the gap between programming offered by mainstream media and what people really want to hear – in politics, writing, lifestyles, science, social issues, and the arts. We will serve niche markets currently overlooked, neglected, or rejected by traditional media. With a motto of “Politics, Lifestyle, and Entertainment for Heart, Mind, and Soul,” our content will offer value beyond much of the pointless entertainment in the marketplace today. We have already begun to lay the groundwork for our projected venture into this exciting field, and expect to launch our first shows in the very near future, with a full slate of programming implemented by Summer, 2007.

From CEO Mark Faulk, “TogiEntertainment is excited to have the chance to bring quality internet radio to the masses. Our programming will not be controlled by the forces that currently influence America’s media, giving us the opportunity to provide politics, entertainment, and information beyond the narrow parameters of the Mainstream Media.”

Mark Faulk, DeWayne Reeves, and John Martin, CEO of The Owners Group, Inc., will discuss the future of Togi Internet Radio on Friday, March 9th, airing at 11:30 a.m. EST on , immediately following “The Faulking Truth” from 10 to 11:30 a.m. EST

Both shows will be available for download afterwards at

TogiEntertainment, Inc, is a subsidiary of The Owners Group, Inc. Visit our website at


"Building CFRN has been both a labor of love and a modern day miracle. When CFRN became the take-over target of several large media companies including Salem Communications, I knew God was ready to take our humble beginnings to the next level. After much prayer and soul searching, I am completely confident in passing the baton to Togi Entertainment. I have been retained by TOGI as a consultant and will continue producing "Prosperity for God's People" for the immediate future. To all of our faithful listeners, I extend my deepest thanks for making CFRN a part of your life. I look forward to working with the Togi team and I'm excited about what the future holds for all of us."

DeWayne Reeves
Christian Traders CEO Emeritus
Internet Radio Pioneer w/ Baird Montgomery - Cotton Gold Grains / Global Warming and the Effect of Anna Nicole's Funeral on the Markets

Nettel Holdings Announces VOIP Payment Services and Tougi Reaches 1,000 Manufacturers

(NTTL) (Analyst - Wasserman Morris Co.)

VOIP Payment Services to Diversify Revenue by Offering Electronic Online Payment Service to Tougi and Online Retailers

Thursday March 1, 8:58 am ET
PORTLAND, OR--Mar 1, 2007 -- Nettel Holdings, Inc. VOIP Payment Services Division, to Diversify Revenue by Offering Electronic Online Payment Service to Tougi and Online Retailers.
VOIP Payment Services VE is a proven, trusted, and reliable service. The logo 'VE Accepted Here' is very well known in the telecom industry globally. We have been successfully evaluated, stress tested, and used over the past year. VE has been widely adopted by buyers and sellers and is now accepted as a payment option by over 2,000 telecom companies located in over 40 countries. With superior risk management and fraud detection capabilities, the propriety system has made buying and selling telecom minutes simple, safe and affordable for many companies.

VE was created to provide a safe and secure automated platform for buyers and sellers to buy and sell large blocks of telecom minutes directly between each other. For each transaction, both parties know each other in advance. VE acts as a middle-man who protects the buyer by assuring the buyer he receives minutes he has ordered, and we protect the seller by ensuring the money is available to him for minutes he has sold. VE makes $.0005 per minute for each minute processed. The unique features with VE propriety system is the whole entire transaction can be done 24/7 by both parties without the help of a live person.

Over the past year, VE members were limited to use the funds available in their accounts only to buy and sell telecom minutes. We have been receiving a lot of requests from members asking for the capability to buy and sell expensive telecom equipment with the funds available in their account. This option was not available until now. With the latest VE version 10, VE members will be able now to post their telecom equipment and servers for sale on Tougi. VE buyers can now purchase this equipment with the funds available in their account. In addition, they can now use the funds in their VE account to purchase from any of the over 50,000 products currently listed on Tougi.

In further expansion, we have been in discussion with other online retailers to add VE as a payment option to their online stores and auctions. The service works similar to PayPal. Online retailers approved for participation can display a "VE Accepted Here" logo on their online website or auction. Online consumers and businesses will be able to buy more confidently by looking for websites that display VOIP Payment Services "VE Accepted Here" logo.

For additional information on VOIP Payment Services, please visit
Contact: Contact:
Investor Relations

Source: Nettel Holdings

Press Release
Source: Nettel Holdings

Tougi Reaches Significant Growth Milestone of Over 1,000 Manufacturers

Tuesday February 27, 9:24 am ET
PORTLAND, OR--Feb 27, 2007 -- Nettel Holdings, Inc. today announced Tougi Reaches Significant Growth Milestone of Over 1,000 Manufacturers.

Bolstered by the magnitude of responses to its unique global clearinghouse, Tougi is taking steps to prepare for the anticipated revenue growth resulting from sales of its online products.
Our customer base is growing rapidly, but with over 1,000 manufacturers and 50,000 products listed, we have not even scratched the surface. In order to maximize the coordination of the volume of orders, the expansion will occur in two major phases. Phase one will focus on developing relationships with key manufacturers, while the second objective is to increase the number of wholesale buyers. Nettel and Tougi management believe that significant solid results should be expected by third quarter 2007.

Tougi sales teams have completed and shipped dozens of small orders while working with large wholesale buyers on significantly larger ones. On average, we have been receiving 12-13 new order inquiries each day. Small orders take 5-7 days to complete while larger orders can take 3-4 weeks. The majority of the larger orders will be repeat orders. Tougi is preparing for additional growth and has recently added an additional 11 sales and support personnel to better serve its current and future customers.

As reported in a previous press release, feedback from the Tougi private label program has been overwhelmingly positive. We have seen an increase in requests for information to private label many products. The benefit to Tougi of having Tougi branded products is tremendous. Tougi doesn't have to purchase or stock any inventory in advance. Once the wholesaler pays for his order, Tougi will place the order with the manufacturer for that shipment and the manufacturer will put the Tougi label on his product and ship it to the buyer. Tougi is moving forward with confidence. As more wholesalers take advantage of this win/win relationship, we expect to spread the Tougi Brand into retail stores worldwide.
Contact: Contact:
Investor Relations

Source: Nettel Holdings

CT's current personal short-term/immediate price target $1.50