Friday, April 27, 2007

The Faulking Truth w/ Mark Faulk and Debi Kiontke


Oklahoma Passes Landmark Stock Market Reform Law
by Mark Faulk

The state of Oklahoma today passed landmark legislation dealing with fails to deliver in the stock market, by an overwhelming margin. The final vote in the State House of Representatives was 81-12 in favor of State Bill 979, with eight legislators not present. The legislation will now go to Oklahoma governor Brad Henry to be signed. SB 979 is considered by stock market advocates to be an important step in dealing with an issue that many feel has been ignored at the federal level by both the SEC and Congress.

Although there has been some support at the federal congressional level to tighten or even rewrite laws dealing with stock market reform, the inaction on the part of the SEC has caused millions of small investors, with support from the North American Securities Administrators Association and the U.S, Chamber of Commerce, to refocus their efforts on reform at the state level, making the Oklahoma victory even more significant. Oklahoma representative Guy Liebmann called the overwhelming victory “a clear mandate.”

Last month, in a commentary supporting SB 979 that was published in the Oklahoma City-based magazine NONzine, and reprinted online at The Faulking Truth, I said that: (read more)


  1. Great to see DeWayne.

  2. Great to see DeWayne.


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