Friday, April 20, 2007

The Faulking Truth with Mark Faulk - CMKM Diamonds CEO Speaks Out


Sorry folks...........we tried to tell you. We even had Acca on the show and he admitted to everyone that he "made it all up", yet people continued to believe him.


Whatever the reason, now you know the truth from the lips of the CEO himself. Do not lose hope. God created you for a purpose. Whatever you have gone through the past few years has only made you stronger, wiser, and possibly you now posses a sense of humility that you did not before. God loves a humble man. God will exalt a humble man.

Let us all accept with great humility the hand we have been dealt and move on.

Seek that which God created you for, and know Peace, Prosperity, and the Joy that surpasses all understanding.

CEO Updates

To all CMKM shareholders

It has come to my attention that the Abadgoodgirls, Jay Adobes and Acca Dacca’s of this world are spinning my updates as they have done with every update or press release of the past. Your NEW management is going to start treating this company like a real company. The things these individuals are saying are false. There is no delivery coming to your house after the PR on Friday. Please do not listen to rumors of fortunes waiting just around the corner nor rumors of large trust accounts that have been set up with money or other assets to be delivered to shareholders. These rumors are simply not true.

The former Chairman stepping down last month has absolutely nothing to do with a plan. There is no secret sting in place, compartmentalized management or any other such secret operation. This is a very critical time, and if we don’t correct the problems from the past, we will further delay our move into the future. These posters and others like them are part of the problems from the past. Apparently, giving frequent and factual information has not stopped these individuals from preying on innocent shareholders.

It breaks my heart every time I hear of one of these posters stirring up the shareholder base with the excitement of a looming payout. Please understand that these posters are only feeding on your emotions and I cannot allow it to continue. I am currently in discussion with our legal counsel about our legal options against people that post blatantly false information pertaining to our Company.

We are in a rebuilding stage and everything will become more evident after this next press release.

Thank you for your continued support,
Kevin WestCEO
The New CMKM


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