Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nettel Radio w/ Mike Russo - Talking Technologies Receives Contract to Provide Broadband Telephone Service for a Major Asian Country

Press Release
Source: Nettel Holdings

Talking Technologies Receives Contract to Provide Broadband Telephone Service for a Major Asian Country

Tuesday April 24, 9:29 am ET

PORTLAND, OR--Nettel Holdings Inc. - Talking Technologies has received a contract from the phone company that services the whole Asian country, to provide Broadband Telephone Service to all their subscribers who wish to sign up.

Talking Technologies Broadband Telephone service uses a technology called Voice-over-IP that allows consumers to make and receive unlimited calls to over 30 countries for a small fixed monthly charge. The advantage of this system is that a computer is not required to make or receive the calls, so it makes calling as easy as picking up the regular phone (even cordless phones) and dialing the number.

The only requirement to use the service is a DSL or Cable Internet connection and any ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter). An ATA adapter can be provided by Talking Technologies if the customer doesn't have one. To start using the service you plug one end of the device into any telephone, the other end into your broadband service, and you've immediately got a regular dial tone just like your traditional telephone service.

The telephone number provided by Talking Technologies broadband phone has the same features and options that are currently available with any local telephone company. This includes Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Three-way calling, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Return, Speed Dial, Anonymous Call Rejection, Hunt group, Voicemail, and plus many more choices.
Talking Technologies will be making a one-time development and engineering fee and also a monthly residual of 26% on all revenue generated from the sales of monthly phone service and long distance calls.

The client is the only telephone company located in the country and they have agreed to market the new service to all their users. Our engineers and developers have already started working on this project and it is expected to be completed by the end of the 2nd quarter 2007.

For additional information on Talking Technologies Broadband Telephone service, please visit our website at www.talkingtechnologies.com
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