Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People / A Nation Grieves / Free Trial ES Emini System


At ES-Emini-Daytrading.com we have one goal. Make money.(period).

We are traders ourselves and are using these indicators to trade our own accounts. We are not full of gimmicks and gadgets. We have never offered our indicators for sale to the public before now. Over the past 4-5 years we have done as much development, experimentation and trading, simulated and real, as any other trader.

We started trading the ES then added the ER, the TY, EC and finally the 30 year bonds. The indicators work on all markets but we have decided to focus on the ES(Emini S&P 500) 233 tick timeframe because it tends to have better 'flow' than the others and liquidity should never be an issue. We have experienced issues on other markets(ER) where we have not been able to fill the number of contracts we were trading on most winners and we were always able to fill the full amount on the losing trades.

The ES is only 12.50 per tick/contract so we are able to reduce risk while looking for larger targets. The average target is 2 points and the maximum risk is 1.5 points. That is $75 risk for $100 gain per contract excluding commissions. Obviously the trade setups only need to be better than 50% to make money.

Though we are not permitted to say exactly what the winning percentage has been, we invite you to take our free trial and see for yourselves how well they do. Below you can see where the trade setups were signaled and how they did on 3/29/2007 and if you look at the 'Recent Trade Setups' link you will see how we have done for at least the past few weeks.

Many days have been better than this!

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