Friday, May 18, 2007

The Faulking Truth w/ Mark Faulk and The Man with the Diamond Ring

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So let's stop the phony indignation. If you're in the mood to be indignant about real conflicts of interest or real corruption, there's plenty of raw material out there--and you don't have to go to developing nations or even Washington D.C. You can find plenty of examples right in the heart of middle America.

Recently I was reading through a lawsuit filed last week by a little mining company called CMKM Diamonds. CMKM, based in the all-American city of Las Vegas, was the subject of a vigorous stock promotion a few years ago, in which it accumulated $200 million from shareholders--60,000 small investors all over this great country. The company alleges in its lawsuit that all but $558 of that $200 million is gone, the rest having been "looted," the suit alleges, by the former management.

This kind of allegation, albeit with less massive numbers attached, has become lamentably commonplace in our society--which might explain why the CMKM suit has received zero publicity. Yet this is a real scandal, with tens of thousands of real people allegedly hurt, and not a trumped-up political circus.

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between a nonscandal and the real thing. And sometimes--as in the case of Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank--it is grotesquely easy. That is the tragedy of the Wolfowitz affair.

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