Friday, June 29, 2007

eProfits Radio - Fund Manager Baird Montgomery on The Fairness Doctrine, Grains, and Gold

House Moves to Prohibit Return of Broadcast 'Fairness Doctrine,' Just in Case
New York Times

The House voted Thursday to bar the Federal Communications Commission from reinstating the broadcast “fairness doctrine” even though there are no legislative or regulatory proposals to bring back the rule.

AirHead America was yet another dismal liberal failure. Now they are demanding that conservative talk show hosts force their conservative audiences to listen to their left wing rhetoric. What a sublime statement they make with this initiatve -
"The Right is obviously Right"

Ya think?

I will go head to head and toe to toe on this radio program any day of the week in a Point - Counter Point format. What I will not do, and this is what they want, is hand over the mic and allow them to indoctrinate you unfettered. They will have to pry it from my dying grasp....

I salute Congress for this shot across the Drive by Media's bow.

Just 2 weeks ago Trent Lott stood on the Senate floor and said -
"Talk Radio is running America and we must do something about it."

Well Trent, I guess we did.

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