Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People / Special Guest Mr. StackTrade


Now I remember why I stopped writing for TradingMarkets

You come home tired from a day of trading and broadcasting. You ignore your wife and kid, fire up the laptop, type your little heart out for 2 hours, create all kinds of cool links, even upload pictures and videos of the storm in Flathead Lake Montana. You comment on the points taken live in real time, Savant's downgrade of Goldman Sachs, the live trade taken by on the show today and you even wax eloquent about a new contributor to this blog Michael J. Panzner (see Financial Armageddon headlines at bottom of blog) and then, just before you hit Publish, Internet Explorer CRASHES! Thx Bill, thanks a lot.

We'll give it all another go tomorrow.


ps/ take a look at the daily chart of the ES.D - 4 Doji's in 4 days at the Top - today we gapped up and closed lower - exuberant buying at the open with a lower close is usually enough to get me short - tie that in with 4 days of indecision and we may have the perfect storm for a 20 point drop - watch the open carefully - worse case is another day of indecison - i prefer to simply trade what is in front of me on a intra-day basis, however, this chart has a very ominous look to it - if you are long be prepared to take profits, if you are on the sidelines looking for an entry, i will be shorting every hint of a rally - live in real time - we have been buying 1560 for days on the show - today the market closed a tick below our power number, just one more reason for this unusual heads up............

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