Thursday, August 02, 2007



Coming to CFRN - Dr. Robert Wickman

The headline above is a Bold statement. I make the statement for 2 very important reasons. Two of my nearest and dearest friends were both given a Death Sentence by their AMA Doctors. My friend Dr. Wickman, gave them a Life Sentence instead.

Beginning next week Dr. Wickman will become a part of the CFRN family. For years we have concerned ourselves with your financial health and spiritual well being. We have filled the airwaves with information your Broker and Priest would prefer you didn't have. Now we are going to bring you what your Doctor doesn't want you to know.

Why? Because we're CFRN.......

This has nothing to do with a publicly traded company or a financial investment. This has everything to do with hope, health, and longevity. Dr. Wickman will be visiting me in Phoenix the end of August. After listening to our radio show, if you would like to personally meet the good Doctor, drop me an email - ct @

Blessings and Good Health!


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