Tuesday, August 28, 2007

U.S. China Peace Initiative - Why We Should Run! / Interview with a legend Mr. Stan Cottrell

Pre-Olympic Year 2007 - China-USA Olympic Year 2008 Beijing

In October, literally millions will join Stan Cottrell, an internationally known ultra-distance runner from Tucker Georgia, as he begins an innovative event called “The Great China-USA Friendship Run”. He will run 2,200 miles from the Great Wall to Hong Kong, this run will be 60 days of more than 50 Km. each day. When Stan returns to the United States he will be with 3 Chinese accomplished distance runners to run 4,000 mile cross-country relay style from San Francisco across the USA and finish at our Capitol in Washington, D.C.

One of the many exceptional aspects of this event is the massive undertaking of an international "PenPalsmanship" letter writing campaign. This August/September, we are inviting schoolchildren from K-12 to participate in the largest effort ever taken by the United States and Chinese schoolchildren. We are going to take more than one million letters of friendship from schoolchildren representing all 50 USA states and distribute them to Chinese children. This same effort is going to be followed by Chinese schoolchildren when the trans-USA portion begins in May 2008. 1 MILLION letters of friendship representing all 50 states and have Stan Cottrell and other FSA supporters hand deliver them from The Great Wall north of Beijing to Hong Kong, this run is called “The Great China-USA Friendship Run". This run will be 60 days of more than 50 Km. each day and start at the beginning of October 2007. In addition, when Stan returns to the Untied States he will be with 3 Chinese accomplished distance runners to run relay style from San Francisco across the USA and finish at our nations Capitol in Washington, D.C. -->read more

In addition to this unique “people-to-people” initiative, we will also be furthering educational opportunities by donating thousands of dollars to academic and scholarship programs to schools and students. Each student who participates will become an “Official FSA Sports Ambassador” and will have the opportunity to earn a beautiful certificate. These students serve as a positive image of American youth and will also be honored by having their personal biography listed in the largest "2007-2008 International Youth Publication “The Great China-USA Friendship Run” editions. This publication will be donated to libraries, schools, colleges and organizations around the country and is based around outstanding international events involving youths and ties their achievements with these important memorable and historical events. read more

ALL SCHOOLS FROM K-12 ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE and Registration is Not Required to take part in the Penpalsmanship program, but in order for students and schools to be eligible for these other sponsored opportunities or for consideration of educational and scholarship funding, they will need to take part in the Penpalsmanship program and then register at: http://www.internationalyouthpublications.com/

May 10th, 2007
"I appreciate your commitment to excellence and encourage you to continue to work hard and serve others. Your efforts reflect the spirit of America and help inspire new generations to make our Nation stronger and better."

President, George W. Bush, Jr.

China Run Movie - Have you seen the featured length movie when Stan ran across China in 1984? (Watch Trailer) or (Full Video) and view the world of China 23 years ago. We will be doing another movie that will contrast China then and the China of today. Particpates in the PenPalsmanship program may be featured in part of the film when FSA members personally hand out and read some of the letters given to children in China. read more

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