Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People


Our group was buying an early reversal, and then shorting the first bounce. There was ample opportunity, as the SP futures rallied 17.00 points then dropped 19.50 points. In the last 30 minutes, the SP futures rallied 30 points... one point per minute. So, with this volatility, what's next? Our members will be getting their Thursday game plan in a few hours.

Christian man to be executed in North Korea
PYONGYANG, North Korea: Son Jong Nam, a Christian in North Korea, has been held in a bleak, North Korean death row basement cell for more than a year. He has been sentenced to die by "public execution." He is charged with being a "national traitor" and "receiving Christianity." Mr. Son has already spent 3 years in prison and has gone through brutal tortures.

Mr. Son's crime? Sharing his faith in the communist nation of North Korea.

Recently The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) launched a worldwide campaign to free Mr. Son with thousands of letters being written on his behalf. Even Presidential candidate Sam Brownback has joined the efforts to help free Mr. Son.

Mr. Son is just one example of many other Christians who are systematically persecuted in over 40 nations for their faith in Jesus Christ.

How can you help?
Simple - just subscribe to The Voice of the Martyrs FREE new weekly eLetter. Again, there is no cost - all you need to do is submit your email address.
You will be informed of what is going on around the world as it relates to Christian persecution.
You will be inspired by their courageous stories.
And you will learn ways you can get involved!
Subscribe now to The Voice of the Martyrs new weekly eLetter. Simply follow the link below.
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This offer is being brought to you by CFRN, The Voice of the Martyrs, and

Please forward this opportunity to your Christian friends. Together we can show our persecuted brothers and sisters that they are not forgotten!

To write a letter on behalf on Mr. Son, visit

To learn more about The Voice of the Martyrs visit

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