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Santa Fe Gold SFEG Soars 28% Friday on Heavy Volume


Santa Fe Gold Corp CEO Interview

Gold Can Make You Rich!
By David Vaughn Sep 27 2007 9:34AM

Gold is unstoppable. Hope you haven’t sold your quality gold shares. Well, gold is settling comfortably above 700 an ounce – what now? If you’re stupid you’ll be selling all your gold shares because you fear gold dropping back to 640. If you have any common sense you will notice this upward move is more than a short term rally.

Gold firmly over 700 – now what? First of all hold on to your quality gold mining shares. Do some house cleaning if necessary, but it is not the time yet to sell those companies with the best long term potential.

" Today, more than any before, its imperative that we open our minds and become aware that jobs are a system for income creation, not wealth creation." " What does it mean to be wealthy – I mean truly wealthy? " Burke Hedges

The time may be ripe to acquire additional mining shares that newsletter writers proclaim as under valued. As the sub prime mess grows and the US dollar continues to find new lows what additional fact is being discovered?

"Wealth is having enough money and enough time to do what you want, when you want." Burke Hedges

Gold continues to find its place in more and more professional portfolios. I say professional because they are discovering the need for gold investments before the common Joe or Jane on the street. Inflation is now a serious factor as never before.

"The only way to create true wealth is to leverage your time, money, and efforts so that 10 hours of work equals 100 hours of pay…or even a 1,000. “That’s the way the rich get rich and stay rich…" Burke Hedges

Governmental and Federal Reserve policies are now guarantying that inflation will only grow and blossom as never before. And as inflation grows it takes tangible assets to rise, keep up with, and to climb higher than the curse of inflation. And gold, historically, is the best asset that makes money in the shadow of inflation. Do you want to beat the disease of inflation and even profit by it during the next few years? Then invest in gold mining companies.

"…the momentum is still calling the market higher," said Zachary Oxman, a senior trader at Wisdom Financial. "Gold is focusing on easier monetary policy, which will attract gold demand." "While consolidation is likely we believe gold will again reach $800-plus prices by year-end." "Gold prices will continue to draw support from the recent decline in the dollar to record lows, high oil prices and increasing concern about the health of the world's largest economy, O'Byrne said. Indeed, "given the dollar's continued losses and the strength in the energy sector, it looks as if gold will find further upside momentum in the coming sessions, potentially targeting $765 before more significant profit-taking is seen," said James Moore, analyst at, in a research note."

Gold and resource stocks, historically, have presented the highest rate of returns. Gold Letter, Inc. reviews gold and other resource stocks under valued and poised to rise in this time of increased demand. Natural resources and related contrarian stocks will only escalate in value as the world continues to experience unprecedented population growth. Gold Letter’s 10 best performing stocks are up over 2,000% and GL’s top 55 performing stocks are over 400%. Close to 90% of all Gold Letter's recommendations since inception in January, 2003 are close to 200%. GL charts are computer generated and updated every hour while markets are open.

Send me an email and your comments.

"The Worldwatch Institute, an organization that focuses on environmental, social and economic trends, says the current rate of global demand for resources is unsustainable."

David Vaughn Gold Letter, Inc.
Editors Note: We have long admired the work of David Vaughn. In fact it was Mr. Vaughn who introduced us to one of our most popular radio guests, Baird Montgomery fund manager and founder of eProfits. We have published this editorial to introduce you to The Gold Letter and to invite David to share his thoughts with us on Santa Fe Gold Corp SFEG.
Baird Montgomery can be heard live every Friday on the Christian Financial Radio Network at 2:30 Eastern. Baird can be reached at

Santa Fe Gold Corp is a member of the "CT Triple Crown"
CT does not accept cash, stock, warrants, or the promise thereof,
to profile or promote any company.
He works for YOU, the Christian Investor.

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Friday - Prosperity for Gods People


Thursday - Prosperity for God's People


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HealthSonix HSXI Announces Joint Venture with Abbot Labs / Exclusive interview with CEO Michael Ivezic


HealthSonix and Abbott Laboratories Launch Innovative Combination Therapy Program for Patients With Advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis
Wednesday September 26, 11:08 am ET

Significant Development in the Fight Against Advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis

IRVINE, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Sep 26, 2007 -- HealthSonix, Inc. HSXI announced today that the joint marketing program with Abbott Laboratories ABT has commenced in Southern Ontario, Canada. The program is the first of its kind and offers Rheumatologists the option of prescribing "combination therapy" for patients with advanced rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis.

"The guidelines published by the American College of Rheumatology [ACR] for rheumatoid arthritis state that 'the ultimate goals in managing RA are to prevent or control joint damage, prevent loss of function, and decrease pain,'" said Dieter D. Doederlein, Vice President Corporate Development of HealthSonix. "To maintain joint function, the guidelines suggest that 'regular participation in dynamic and even aerobic conditioning exercise programs improves joint mobility, muscle strength, aerobic fitness and function, and psychological well being without increasing fatigue or joint symptoms.' That is why the combination therapy now offered by Abbott Laboratories and HealthSonix is a significant new development for both rheumatologists and their patients," said Doederlein.

Abbott's biologic therapy works against the inflammatory process like other TNF blockers and has been shown to be effective in controlling symptoms of the disease. The product is indicated for reducing signs and symptoms and inhibiting the progression of structural damage in adult patients with moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis who have had an inadequate response to one or more disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs.

The benefits of AquaSonix Therapy for the patient with immunological disorders include provision of a reduced weight-bearing environment in which to exercise; improvement in Range Of Motion; reduction in joint and muscle stiffness; improvement in the willingness to move; improvement in functional strength and functional mobility; improvement in social and psychological factors.

"This new program represents a significant development in the fight against arthritis because the ACR guidelines stress that the combination of medications and non-pharmacological therapies is the optimal way to treat the patients," said Doederlein.

HealthSonix, Inc. HSXI is a publicly traded medical technology company. The Company's core products are based on proprietary, patent pending medical technologies that use sound pulses to stimulate soft tissue, muscles and sensory and mechanoreceptors in the human body to relieve pain. All pain relief treatments and products are safe, non-invasive, and have no known side effects.

More information regarding HealthSonix, Inc. and its products and services can be found on the World Wide Web at: or by calling the company at 1-877-622-2121.

Note: A number of statements contained in this news release are forward-looking statements, which are made pursuant to the Safe Harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including the timely development and market acceptance of products and technologies, competitive market conditions, successful integration of acquisitions, the ability to secure additional sources of financing, the ability to reduce operating expenses and other factors not set forth herein. The actual results that the Company may achieve may differ materially from any forward-looking statements due to such risks and uncertainties.

Contact: Contact:
Dieter D. Doederlein
Email Contact

Editors Note:
In a recent press release and interview, CEO Michael Ivezic stated that HealthSonix was preparing for a move to a senior exchange by the end of 2007. At that time we offered the opinion that in order to meet the minimum stock price of the AMEX which is $2.00/share, the company would need to announce a major development. It is our opinion that today's news could well be that event. HealthSonix has flown below Wall Street's radar until today. Once institutions and retail investors who hold Abbot Labs ABT stock become aware of this partnership, it may be seen as an opportunity to strengthen the Health Care sector of their portfolios for pennies on the dollar. We will continue to monitor this situation closely.

HealthSonix is a member of the "CT Triple Crown"
CT does not accept cash, stock, warrants, or the promise thereof,
to profile or promote any company.
He works for YOU, the Christian Investor.

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People / Today We StackTrade The Dow Emini


Take the Free Trial -
No Credit Card Required!

We do not predict the markets long term.

We trade what we see intra-day.

However, some things can't be ignored.........
The ES Emini Futures need to revisit 1500 SOON.
There's 40 points on the table tonight.
There could be even more tomorrow night.
Review your risk tolerance.
40 down and 40+ back up?

Or wait and trend trade back to the top?

If we open lower tomorrow kiss the Abandoned Baby / Evening Star goodbye.........

However you slice it, the market is ready to rock!
Pray Hard and Trade Safe
ps/ Almost forgot..... Full Moon (full moon = dip)

(This analysis brought to you courtesy of the ES.D chart - big difference)

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Santa Fe Gold Corp CEO Interview


SFEG Technicals
The bullish picture continues to build. (see previous posts)

Today we get a Bullish Inverted Hammer, one could also argue that based on the body of the candle, we have an inside day of an inside day, above the 50MA.

HSXI Technicals
Yesterday we reported 3 Times Normal Volume
(see previous posts)
Today we traded 5 times normal volume
Rarely will you see such incredible Doji basing action hover just above the 50MA.

This chart spells Expectancy.


Monday - Prosperity for God's People


Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday - Prosperity for God's People / Precious Metals and Health Care Set to Soar


CT's Triple Crown

HealthSonix HSXI traded 3 times normal volume today. We are above the 50MA and 200MA on a Daily Chart. On our last interview CEO Michael Ivezic stated that within 7-10 days the company would announce the name of the major pharma joint venture. In Trading 101 we learned that volume preceeds price.........right? This chart looks like a NASA launch pad!

Santa Fe Gold Corp - SFEG
Do not let today's red candle fool you. Red, Green, Purple, or Yellow, that is a Bullish Harami closing in the upper body of the previous day's candle. The english translation of Harami is "pregnant lady". The higher she carries the baby, the more bullish the signal.



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Got Gold? SFEG Chart is Dynamically Bullish


It has been 9 trading days since AZMN became Santa Fe Gold Corp SFEG.
What have we seen?
A punch thru the 50MA
A 62% to the tick Fib Retracement back to the 50MA
Friday's trading produced a Bullish Engulfing Candle

We already know the strength of the fundamentals, we now have a technical picture that smells like springtime in Pamplona. Clear the's time to run!

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eProfits Radio w/ Fund Manager Baird Montgomery

By Peter Z. ParodyFinancial
Freedom Wire Service
Friday, September 21, 2007

NEW YORK – Today Goldman Sachs filed a $5,000,000,000 lawsuit against Bill Murphy and the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee GATA he chairs. In its suit Goldman Sachs charges that Murphy and GATA have repeatedly and aggressively defamed it for years by accusing it of manipulating the price of gold and thereby stealing billions of dollars from unwary investors.
Reached for comment, an attorney for Mr. Murphy and GATA issued the following statement:
Mr. Murphy and his associates in GATA welcome the lawsuit. Heretofore, as a result of being blackballed in mainstream media, GATA has only been able to communicate with a small percentage of investors. With the media exposure this lawsuit will inevitably generate, Mr. Murphy looks forward to being able to reach and warn hundreds of millions of investors world-wide.

In order to prove defamation of character, Goldman Sachs must establish that it actually has character. That will be a formidable task because it is guilty of dozens of deceptive, deceitful and dishonest actions like, for example, claiming to be bullish to motivate investors to buy gold while selling tens of thousands of contracts short to curtail its price.

When asked, a spokesman for Goldman Sachs said the company planned to confer before responding. Speculation is rampant that Goldman has scheduled meetings to discuss its response with Secretary of the Treasury, Paulson, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Bernanke, representatives of Morgan-Chase, and a carnal mystic.

Goldman's Quasi-Monopoly Earnings Report
Goldman Sachs GS - you know Goldman Sachs. They came out with an earnings report today. But first a little background.

Goldman gave us Robert Rubin, former Chairman of Goldman. He is the gentleman President Clinton called on to be Secretary Treasurer of the United States in 1995. During his tenure he orchestrated the bailout of Mexico, Asia, Long Term Capital Management, and Y2K. He is no stranger to moral hazard. His actions show that he actually embraced it. I think he was also responsible for Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan to change his ways. After Greenspan uttered those famous words - "irrational exuberance" and knocked the equity markets for a loop in 1996, Greenspan became much more respectful of those that kept him in power. I thought that Greenspan meant what he said at the time with strong foundation, but his actions afterwards where of a different tune. Enough so that he bowed to the whims of both the Clinton and Bush administrations, taking irrational exuberance to bubble proportions.

Goldman also gave us John Thain. John is now CEO of the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Thain helped to complete the reverse takeover of the NYSE by Archipelago in 2005. As you may have guessed - Archipelago's largest owner - Goldman Sachs.

Well, who is the current Secretary Treasurer of the United States? It is Henry Paulson, former CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs. Mr. Paulson took the reins in early 2006. Yet another Goldman guy.

Everyday the Federal Reserve operates an open market operation to add and subtract liquidity from our financial system. This is where the big NYSE member banks go to get additional funds. I can't think of another person that may be more important to a financial firm like Goldman Sachs on a daily basis. I am sure the Federal Reserve looked far and wide for someone to run this very important unit as it oversees domestic open market and foreign exchange trading operations as well as the provisions of account services to foreign central banks.

They picked Goldman Sachs former Chief Economist, William Dudley. An 'economist' for a trading operation? I know, it doesn't sound right to me but maybe he takes direction well. William took this post in late 2006.

World Bank, you ask? Who runs the World Bank? The President of the World Bank is Robert Zoellick. Mr. Zoellick spent most of his career working for various governmental agencies. No Goldman connection here? Almost. He resigned in June 2006 to join Goldman. After a one year stint of indoctrination of how things work at Goldman, and who truly butters his bread, he was appointed World Bank President in June of 07'.

So, former Goldman people are in place as the United States Secretary Treasurer, the head of the NYSE, the head of the trading operations at the Federal Reserve (an economist at that), and President of the World Bank. Big deal? It gets better.

Just after the 1987 stock market crash the President of the US signed an executive order forming a committee of government and private individuals to monitor the financial markets. This group was named the 'Working Group'. We traders have nicknamed this group the Plunge Protection Team - the PPT. Their mandate was to make sure all steps were taken to make sure nothing like that crash would happen again.

In 1998 the financial world was shaken by the financial shenanigans of a hedge fund named Long Term Capital Management. ( 'Long Term' lol!) After which time the US President's Working Group approached the major NYSE member banks and said, "hey guys, listen, we ain't suppose to let things like this happen. You guys need to get your act together."

These banks formed the Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group (CRMPG) The members are the top NYSE member banks, General Motors, a couple of hedge funds, and some well connected law firms and accounting firms. The group met and produced a document but was asked again in 2004 by the Working Group to come with more defined policy procedure. This effort resulted in the publication titled 'Toward Greater Financial Stability: A Private Sector Perspective'.

Who was the leader of this group? Gerald Corrigan, Chairman of Goldman Sachs. Who was the transmittal letter addressed to at the opening of the report? Henry Paulson, then CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, now US Secretary Treasurer. Who developed the policy? Well here is an excerpt from the transmittal letter; "I want to express to you my sincere gratitude for the time and effort devoted to this project by Craig Broderick who served as a Member of the Policy Group and the others from Goldman Sachs who participated in the project and are named in the Report."

Link to the report;

Here is what the CRMPG stated as their primary purpose; "The primary purpose of CRMPG II - building on the 1999 report of CRMPG I - is to examine what additional steps should be taken by the private sector to promote the efficiency, effectiveness and stability of the global financial system. As practitioners, the members of CRMPG II recognize that periodic financial disruptions and shocks are inevitable. However, the Policy Group also believes that it is possible to take steps that would be capable of reducing the frequency of such shocks and, especially, to reduce the risk that such shocks would take on the contagion features that can produce systemic damage to the financial system and the real economy."

Again it appears the CRMPG mandate is to control the markets. How else are they to reduce the frequency of periodic financial disruptions.

CRMPG: "since we know that financial disturbances and even financial shocks will occur in the future, and we know that no approaches to risk management or official supervision are fail-safe, we also know that we must preserve and strengthen the institutional arrangements whereby, at the point of crisis, industry groups and industry leaders, as well as supervisors, are prepared to work together in order to serve the larger and shared goal of financial stability."

We need to work together for financial stability? What does that mean for the public or retail investor? Obviously every trade has a counterparty. If these firms get in trouble with sub-prime loans, is it their idea to transfer that risk to the public to insure their financial stability and therefore the stability of the US economy as what they represent, as we can not have failing banks and a strong economy. But it would be acceptable to have a block of retail investors (small counterparties) suffering financial disruptions as long as it did not affect the general public or the greater good of the large NYSE money center banks?

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan acknowledges the CRMPG and their collective "eye" on the market in a speech he gave in 2002; "In today's markets there is an increased reliance on private counterparty surveillance as the primary means of financial control.

Governments supplement private surveillance when they judge that market imperfections could lead to sub-optimal economic performance."

Link to speech;

That leads me to Program Trading. Program trading ran about 16 to 19% of all shares traded on the NYSE from 1987 to 1998 when the Long Term Capital diabolical hit. Since that it has climbed to 65-75% of all shares traded on the NYSE.

The NYSE stock exchange issues a weekly report on Program Trading. For the week ending August 31st, program trading accounted for 73% of all shares traded on the NYSE. Now you will look at this report and see that it says 36.5%. What gives? Well, the NYSE formerly reported program trading as both sides of the trade. They did this for a couple of decades, or the inception of program trading. (Program trading is defined as a trade of 15 or more issues with a value over one million dollars.) Then in June of 2006, shortly after the Goldman guy took over, they changed the reporting to just one side of the trade. In addition, they deleted all past reports from their news archives. One day they were there, the next they were all gone. The old way of reporting worked for many years giving a more accurate summation of total program trading. I continue to use that number as it is more truthful.

Link to recent report;

Now you may suspect who the top program trader is. Well, sometimes it is Goldman but lately it has been Lehman Brothers. However, if you look at program trades made as the broker being the principal and not acting as an agent for others, Goldman does indeed take the top spot. For the referenced report they accounted for 25% of all program trades made as principal. Looking farther we see that the top six firms accounted for 69% of all program trades, or 50% of ALL shares traded on the NYSE. 50% of all shares traded in the hands of program traders of just six firms that are all members of the CRMPG, with the goal working together for the greater good? How would you like to be on the other side of those trades?

Again Greenspan in his speech of 2002 says it best." To require disclosure of the structure of the innovative product either before or after its introduction would immediately eliminate the quasi-monopoly return and discourage future endeavors to innovate in that area."

Quasi-monopoly returns! That, my friends, leads me to Goldman's third quarter earnings release today. Earnings were up an eye-popping 88% from last year. It was as though Goldman was on the right side of every trade.

But how could this be? We saw the headlines;
'Goldman's Exclusive Hedge Fund Drops By 10%'
'Goldman hedge fund falls 22.5 pct in Aug'

Well, you see, Goldman doesn't manage OTHER peoples money quite like it manages it's own. From the report - Asset Management (money they manage for others), Goldman:
"Asset Management net revenues were $1.20 billion, 31% higher than the third quarter of 2006, reflecting a 40% increase in management and other fees, partially offset by lower incentive fees."

Lower incentive fees? Fees were down 52% from last year. Incentive fees reflect doing a good job. Looks like their performance was lacking from last year.

Goldman: "During the quarter, assets under management increased $38 billion to $796 billion, reflecting money market net inflows of $31 billion, non-money market net inflows of $19 billion spread across all asset classes, and net market depreciation of $12 billion, reflecting depreciation in equity and alternative investment assets, partially offset by appreciation in fixed income assets."

Increase of $38 billion. That's a lot of money but still just 5% increase. But with $38 billion in net inflows after depreciation it appears that they had negative organic return on the assets that manage.

All on all, the money they manage for OTHERS had a bad quarter.

Now look at their proprietary trading unit - THEIR money. Trading and Principal Investments were $8.23 billion, 70% higher than the third quarter of 2006. Equity trading revenues were up a mind boggling 154%. This is in quarter were we saw a rough drop of about 3% in the S&P500.
Goldman: "Significant losses on non-prime loans and securities were more than offset by gains on short mortgage positions."
They shorted mortgage positions with THEIR money!
OTHER peoples money OTM;
NEW YORK, Sept 13 Reuters-
"Goldman Sachs Group's Global Alpha hedge fund fell 22.5 percent in August on losses from currency and stock trades, Bloomberg News reported, citing an update sent to investors."
Goldman has the largest collection of hedge funds in the world. How is it that they receive 75% of their revenues from trading, but the hedge funds they manage for other people's money under-perform the returns Goldman receives on its OWN money? When Goldman's hedge funds are long sub-prime, why did not the shorting of mortgages strategy that they used for THEIR money save some of the OTHER people's money? Trading is a zero sum gain.

Did Goldman need someone to take the other side of the trade?

Greenspan said this in the same speech above; "Most financial innovations in over-the-counter derivatives involve new ways to disperse risk. Moreover, our constantly changing financial environment supplies a steady stream of new opportunities for innovation to address market imperfections. Innovative products temporarily earn a quasi-monopoly rent."

I think everyone would have to agree that Goldman has been very innovative in benefiting from market imperfections. They place their former executives in high positions of public power. They manage the CRMPG that allows them insight into the inside workings of their competitors. They have been aggressive in their managed hedge funds by establishing a counter-party to their trades. They certainly are getting their share on THEIR money with "quasi-monopoly rent".

And they are getting paid well to do it.

Goldman: "Compensation and benefits expenses were $5.92 billion, 68% higher than the third quarter of 2006" The number employees increased only 7%. Nice raise guys!

So how does Goldman get away with this? Obviously the influence peddling is there. Why is the financial community of the slightly less connected not out there screaming about the potential for collusion and manipulation by these large member banks with their CRMPG association? Trading is a zero sum game. Why are so many willing to take a bullet for Goldman on an un-level playing field? I just read a commentary from Bill Bonner expressing some of what I mention here. He wrote this after a similar stunning Goldman report in June of 06';
"Well, how is it possible that a company like Goldman - with thousands of traders - can make 75% of its revenues from trading? You'd think their lucky trades would be balanced out by their unlucky trades. They can't all be lucky. And they can't all be geniuses. As Buffett says, there aren't that many geniuses around."

"Or to put it another way, here's a company making billions, mostly by trading. Who's on the other side of these trades? Who's losing? Where does the money come from? How is it possible for so many traders to have a result that is so far beyond seems to defy gravity." -Bill Bonner

So why do I care about all of this?

Greenspan (same speech) said this; "No one can deny that fully informed market participants will generate the most efficient pricing of resources and the most efficient allocation of capital. Moreover, it could be argued that, if all information held by individual buyers or sellers became available to all participants, the pricing structure would more closely reflect the underlying balance of supply and demand. Thus full information would appear to be the unambiguous objective. But should it be?"

"But should it be?" Hell yes it should be. Fully informed market participates is central to a free market. Allowing Goldman and the CRMPG, with the blessings of the Federal Reserve to sway the markets in the direction that benefits them most, in the name of financial stability is a bullet to the chest of capitalism. Who was Chairman Greenspan helping when he suggested adjustable rate mortgages at interest rate bottoms? Some kind of innovative sub-prime scheme perhaps? The time to save our free markets is now. The complacency bull needs to stop!
Joe Stocks

Friday - Prosperity for Gods People


An unusually good as well as long chat with Greg from

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Naturally Iowa NLIA - A Green Baron Encore Presentation on


Thursday - Prosperity for God's People


Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nettel Holdings Update w/ Mike Russo


PhoneZoo Resumed Delivery of Its Prepaid Calling Card PINs to International Distributors
Marketwire (Tue 8:54am)

Trading the Fed w/ Greg from


Play by play, live in real time with Greg the founder of

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People


We prepared you for the move, the move came, now what?

Here's one possibility -
We gap open Wednesday and smart(?) money takes profit off the table.

Our on-air trading methodology of late has become somewhat boring, buy the 50% retracement on a 3 minute chart. Boring? OK... Consistent? Listen to the archives.......

If you need excitement or an adrenalin rush, go jump out of an airplane. (with a parachute)
If you want to trade for a living, tune in daily. (no parachute required)


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Monday - Prosperity for God's People / Trading in the Zone


Well........... I finally broke down and bought the book. My friends and fellow traders have been recommending I read it for 2 years now. I can only guess I hesitated because I was told it did not contain a better strategy. In fact it offers no trading methodology whatsoever. NONE!
Not an oscillator, nor a moving average, not even a pivot point.
What it does contain is some of the most profound trading information I have yet to learn.
According to Mark I can cease and desist with the eternal search for the Holy Grail.
(We know it doesn't exist but we look anyway right? Google to our fingers bleed, right?)
I'm only half way through the book but I have already learned something that will change my trading forever. Ready for this?
I do not need to know what the market is going to do next to succeed as a trader.
True story.
I began reviewing the book on today's show, but I really need to finish it so I can do it justice.
Don't wait 2 years.
Save yourself some emotional pain and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Go Buy The Book Today!

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Thursday - Prosperity for God's People


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SFEG - Santa Fe Gold Corp Delivers 28% Return on its 1st Day of Trading


Since March 2007, the company has been paying principal and interest by the issuance of its common stock. The last three payments total approximately $1.0 million, with the final payment scheduled January 1, 2008.

Pierce Carson, CEO, said, "Our stock price has declined over the past several months. The amount of stock we issue for payments is tied to our stock price and we have had to issue more stock as the price has declined. We have determined that this trend is not in the best interest of stockholders.

"With respect to our stock price, we believe there now is a very significant disconnect between the stock price and the fundamental value of the company's assets, considering our substantial precious metals resources and based on peer company comparisons."
The main purpose of the 2006 financing was to provide cash for acquisition of the Summit silver-gold project, which the company acquired in May 2006. The Summit project is now ready to proceed to production, subject only to the arrangement of construction financing. (more)

Why Gold and Why Now?

Do you remember the last time gold sold for over $2,000 an ounce?

Of course you do. Maybe you didn't think of that way. But actually, gold has already sold for more than $2000 per ounce. Let me show you.

First, you have to think for a moment like it's 1971. Gold is selling for $35. This is the year Nixon breaks it from ties to the dollar. Gold prices start climbing. By 1975, it's hit $196. And by 1980, we're talking $850. Sure, you say, that I remember.

But maybe you also remember, back then you could you could also make $27,700 a year and it was a pretty decent living. About as good as making $100,000 per year today.

You could also buy a house for $50,000 then and, just on an inflation basis, it would be worth $250,000 today. (In real estate terms, it might sell now for $500,000 or more).
And back then, you could retire on $270,000 in savings... and it would be as good, today, as being a millionaire.

So you can see, trying to compare yesterday's gold price to today's -- on an even basis -- is like trying to compare apples and armadillos!

Take a look at this chart...

In today's dollars, 1975 gold at $196 is more like $750 in the current market. And 1980 gold, the peak year at the historical price of $850, would now clock in closer to $2,176 . And remember, this is only what you get using the most conservative market calculation of gold's worth. There are other, even more telling ways to value gold.

Try this on for size...
$38,349 per Ounce!

Remember, for a good part of America's history, every dollar in your pocket was a dollar backed by gold. So it's not so crazy to ask yourself... if America has 8,180 tons - or nearly 261.7 million ounces - of gold in reserve... how many dollars does that buy?

The answer will shock you.

When dollars became unhinged from gold, the printing presses at the Fed cranked up. By 1980, for every ounce of gold in America, the financial system carried $6,966 in cash. That's $1.8 trillion total. But get this, by the end of 2005, the total real money supply shot to over $10 trillion.

That's $38,349 in circulation for every ounce of gold in reserve!

Of course, it's even higher now. The printing presses are still cranking, well into 2007. Only now, it's much harder for you to know how fat the actual money supply has gotten. See, by March 23, 2006... the number had gotten so embarrassing... the Fed actually "retired" a number called "M3," which was the most broad-reaching measure of how much cash floats around in the system.

Yep. Instead of fixing the problem, the politicians just stopped talking about it. Is that any surprise? Fortunately, you don't need Washington's help to get the real picture of what's happening today in the economy... or to find out what's next for the price of gold.
Because you can just read on and see for yourself...

Precious Metals Megatrend: 3 Charts and the Truth

I'm about to show you three charts.
Take a look at these first two side by side...

A hundred different snapshots could show you the mess we're in. Soaring personal and government debt. A plunging savings rate. Record-high mortgages as a percentage of GDP. Soaring but "hidden" unfunded government liabilities, to the tune of $53 trillion...
But none show it better -- and more plainly -- than these two I'm showing you right here, above. The first is our skyrocketing money supply. The second is our plummeting purchasing power. That's about as plain as you need to get.

How so?

Because this is the starkest vision you'll ever get of the absolute carnage that's piling up in a "secret war" Washington's fighting right now... and has fought, unsuccessfully, for the last 20 plus years. No, not the war in Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or even some possible future conflict with Iran.

This is another kind of war... right here at home.

The enemy is the dark nemesis of a dead and stagnant economy. And the Fed secretly fights to hold it off desperately every single day. This is a worse enemy than recession. It's the enemy called deflation, an economy where nothing moves and nobody buys a thing.

The weapon of choice in this ongoing secret war is to flood the market with cash and easy credit. Because regular cash and credit injections make everyone feel rich. The theory goes, when you've got cash and low-priced credit, companies borrow and expand. Consumers borrow and spend. Families borrow and buy homes.

Which is why, since 1950, the total amount of money in circulation has soared well over 3,000%! And it's all good... or seems good... until it goes all wrong.

See, the trouble is, even money can't escape the natural law of supply and demand. When there's too much of it floating around, each dollar is worth that much less relative to the whole. Suddenly, you've got price inflation.
Suddenly, every dollar you have in the bank is worth less.
Hemingway called it the "first panacea of a mismanaged nation."

And in our case, it's helped plummet the purchasing power of our dollars by a mind-blowing 96%. The dollar's worth today is just pennies compared with what it bought a century ago. In fact, its worth is just a fraction now -- as we just demonstrated -- compared to the last time gold prices boomed, in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Only now, unlike then, the "wiggle room" we have left now between us and a complete dollar implosion is so thin it's practically transparent. Could total implosion actually happen? Absolutely.

Take what Ben Bernanke famously said before becoming Fed Chairman, during a speech at the National Economists Club in Washington, in November 2002...
Like gold, U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost... We conclude that, under a paper-money system, a determined government can always generate higher spending and hence positive inflation.

In other words, if you want to juice an economy... turn on the printing presses and make it as easy as all get-out to borrow money at a low, low rate of interest. Bernake and others in the Fed think that's no problem. They think they can handle it, just so long as short-term interest rates don't go to zero.

Flooding the market with easy money is like burning your furniture to keep warm. It cannot last as a stopgap measure. It's courting disaster.

Ludwig von Mises when said...
There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of the voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.
See, thanks to all that Fed-driven loose credit, consumer debt has soared. It's never been higher. In 1987, when Alan Greenspan first took his job in Washington, consumers were in the hole by about $10 trillion. Where are they now? An unbelievable $37.3 trillion in the red - or nearly 350% of GDP!

Think about that.

As a whole, Americans owe three and a half times more than the entire U.S. economy -- the largest in history -- produces in a year. If you or I owed that much on a personal level, we'd be suicidal.

Meanwhile, the government doesn't seem to worry. They spend money even faster. They borrow even deeper. Even this administration now, with full knowledge of the implications of a credit disaster, has already borrowed more money since 2000 than every White House since the time of Washington!

By 2017 - says the Heritage Foundation - our federal deficits should be soaring by at least $1 trillion per year. After that, it will jump to $2 trillion. That's not how much we'll owe. It's how much we'll add to what we owe... every 12 months, for as far as the eye can see.

Doesn't that sound, to you, like we're at a turning point?

Then, they had Paul Volker, who crushed inflation. Today, we've got Ben Bernanke, who embraces it.

Then, they had a national debt of just $845 billion. Today, it's between $8.9 trillion and $53 trillion , depending on who you believe.

Then, we had a hostage crisis in Iran. It ended. Today, we've got Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Nigeria, Afghanistan... and an unending "war on terror." Plus bin Laden still hiding in caves and Chavez mouthing off in oil-rich Venezuela.

Then, you paid 78 cents for gas. This spring, it hit as high as $3.22. Oil cost $38 per barrel. Today, it's closer to $80. Then, the oil shortage was political. Today, it's physical - supply just can't meet higher demand.

Then, the weak dollar still bought more than the dollar today. And our only real economic competitor was Japan. Now you've got China, India, the euro... and a resurgence in Japan.
Brace yourself. Because while this might spell doom for most Wall Street stocks, it virtually guarantees a global resurgence for resource investments, silver and especially gold. Protect your wealth and grow your riches .................

This is what's called a "yield-curve inversion."

The recent one you're looking at above first happened on Dec. 28, 2005... and it has remained inverted... on this last occasion, it's basically been upside-down for the last few months. This is bad. How bad?

Think dynamite and a tripwire.

See, normally a yield-curve inversion should be an extremely rare event. Until very recently, it's only happened six times since 1970. And guess what... five out of those six times, a major recession followed within the year .

This is so precise an indicator of recession , in fact, that it has only been wrong once in the past 40 years . One study published by the New York Federal Reserve pegged it as a better measure of what will happen to the U.S. economy than the U.S. stock market or any other general index of other leading indicators .

Translation: When the curve flips, we'd better listen.

On the day of this inversion above - practically at the moment the lines crossed - the Dow plunged 105 points. What happens the next time, when the curve inverts not just for an afternoon, but for a week or more? Or months at a time?

This is like holding back a flood with a cork. The longer the yield curve is out of balance, the bigger the disaster that follows. And there's only one way to stop a yield-curve inversion from happening.

The Fed has to slash short-term rates. Will they?
Bernanke would love to.
But he's trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Slashing the rates means an even bigger dollar collapse. And even higher credit debt, at a time when few Americans can afford it. It would also mean less overseas confidence in the U.S. economy. And that alone could spark a whole new wave of disaster.

See, when all those overseas bondholders out there see the United States disintegrating its economic base, that's all she wrote! They'll start dumping the dollar and our debt investments with abandon. I'm sure you're smart enough to see where this is headed...

That kind of unraveling is the perfect recipe for $2,000 gold. Which is why I want to make sure you're in a good strong position before this next radical power move in gold unfolds...
(Thanks to our friend Bill Bonner and The Daily Reckoning)

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People / Another Fine Wednesay with the Developer of

Don't be.
Tune in..........
Our listeners take at tleast 2 points out of the market every day.
Live in Real Time.
So can you!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

AZMN - Azco Mining Rallies 33% On It's Final Day of Trading


SFEG - Santa Fe Gold Corp IPO
Wednesday September 12, 2007
Once upon a time your pedigree had to read Blackstone, Stearns, or Goldman-Sachs to get in on the hot IPO's. Well friends, our time has come. Tonight we go to bed for the last time as Azco shareholders. How fitting that she rallied 33% for us on her final day of trading.

Tomorrow marks the dawn of a new era. To each and every AZCO investor who has kept the faith and stayed the course, congratulations!

Top 5 Performing Gold Stocks 09/11/07

Issues 3 Trading Alerts on AZMN's Final Day of Trading

The Big Picture - Incredibly Bullish

Bullish resolution is imminent on Gold and Gold Stocks.

Long term fundamentals and technical picture are clear.

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Santa Fe Gold Corp Announces New Ticker Symbol of SFEG Effective as of September 12, 2007
Santa Fe Gold Corp: AZMN, formerly Azco Mining Inc., a U.S.-based mining and exploration enterprise focused on gold, silver, copper and industrial minerals, today announced that effective September 12, 2007, its new ticker symbol will be “SFEG” for trading on the OTB Bulletin Board.
Pierce Carson, CEO, said, “Our recent name change and new ticker symbol reflect the company’s strategic objective of building a mid-tier precious metals exploration and mining company.
“We plan for production to begin initially at our Summit silver-gold property, to be followed by our Ortiz gold property. We also intend to expand our precious metals resource base, which exceeds 2 million ounces of gold, through aggressive exploration programs and acquisition of additional properties.
“The values of our precious metals properties continue to increase with the rising price of gold, which now exceeds $700 per ounce.”

About Santa Fe Gold Corp
Santa Fe Gold Corp: AZMN is a U.S.-based mining and exploration company focused on acquiring and developing gold, silver, copper and industrial mineral properties. The company owns the Summit silver-gold property and a mill site and processing equipment in southwestern New Mexico; mineral lease rights to the Ortiz gold property in north-central New Mexico, believed to contain two million ounces of gold; the Black Canyon mica mine and processing facility near Phoenix, Ariz.; and a large resource of micaceous iron oxide (MIO) in western Arizona. Santa Fe Gold intends to build a portfolio of high-quality, diversified mineral assets with an emphasis on precious metals. To learn more about the company, visit

CT does not accept cash, stock, warrants, or the promise thereof,
to profile or promote any company.
He works for you, the Christian Investor.

A Special Update from Mike Reed


R.B.I. Special Update


(Published Since 1996)

Dateline: 8:18 pm eastern time, 9/11/2007

As most of you know, I have been talking about how the market action has reminded me of similar action in 1987. The market has had several hard drops since this was first brought up, and the first 10% correction in 5 years even occurred. The 1982 to 1987 market acted similar.

Now the market is on the upswing, and if things play out the way our TradeStalker RBI members were told tonight, another sharp drop could occur very soon. Let me state upfront that I am *not* apocalyptic, and I'm not hoping for a stock market crash.

Stock market crashes are once in a generation occurrences (if that).

In any case,I have been getting a lot of questions about this scenario.I thought this "picture" would be interesting:

In order to nullify this pattern, we need to see a move over13494 on the Dow cash, the 1496.40 level on the SP500 cash, and 2032 level on the Nasdaq 100 cash that can hold. Unless that occurs soon, the odds of a seasonal sharp selloff remain a good possibility. We will see how things work out. This is NOT a prediction, but just a "heads up" for what is possible over the next 6-8 weeks. Feel free to pass this along to your friends.

Good trading,

Mike Reed

Thanks Mike! Friends take the free trial -

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People / A Tribute to 911

About 30 minutes into today's program we shared a very moving reminder of the tragedy now known simply as "9-11". Some said it made them sad. Some found it depressing. I agree...

It is important that we never forget that tragic morning. We must never forget that there are those whose very reason for living is to see us die, to see America destroyed.

If you are reading this on 9/11/07, turn up your speakers. This tribute will continue to repeat until tomorrow morning. Take a moment to listen, to remember, to offer a prayer for the survivors, the responders, those left behind, the brave men and women who stand for freedom tonight on foreign soil, and please.......pray for the USA.


Monday, September 10, 2007

HSXI - HealthSonix Prepares For Move to AMEX / Live Radio Update with CEO Michael Ivezic


HealthSonix Business Developments on Target

IRVINE, CA-Sep 6, 2007 -- HealthSonix, Inc today released the following statement from Dieter Doederlein, Vice President, Corporate Development at HealthSonix.
"Due to the many contacts that we have received from shareholders and new investors requesting updates on the various initiatives that were announced during the summer, we are pleased to provide the following summary of the stages where those initiatives presently are, and when we expect completion:

1. The infomercial for the enSonix@home unit is in final production
stage: the production company is doing some last minute additional
'in the field' shooting before the final edits are done. Revised
air time is early October.

2. The enSonix@home device is undergoing QC testing for efficacy,
overall performance and durability. Sign offs to start the
manufacturing are expected within 30 days.

3. The in the field joint marketing program with a pharmaceutical
company is scheduled to commence mid September, at which time the
name of the company will be in the public domain.

4. HealthSonix plans to apply for a listing on the AMEX before the
end of this calendar year; all the necessary documentation to be
filed with the regulators is being prepared towards that end.

5. Management has scheduled IR meetings in New York, starting
September 18th, right through the end of November to acquaint
institutions and retail brokerage houses with the HealthSonix
products and services.

6. The ZingiberRx sampling program continues to yield good results:
retail listing is underway in a test market using local newspapers
to distribute coupons directing the audience to pharmacies.

"We are moving forward on many different fronts and the positive feedback and the encouragement that we have received from our partners and patients serve to confirm that we are on the right track. We are looking forward with much anticipation to an exciting fall and winter," said Doederlein.

HealthSonix, Inc. is a publicly traded medical technology company. The Company's core products are based on proprietary, patent pending medical technologies that use sound pressure waves to stimulate soft tissue, muscles and sensory and mechanoreceptors in the human body to relieve pain. All treatments and products are safe, non-invasive, and have no known side effects.

More information regarding HealthSonix, Inc. and its products and services can be found on the World Wide Web at: or by calling the company at 1-877-622-2121.
Contact: Contact:
Dieter D. Doederlein
Email Contact

HSXI is a member of the "CT Triple Crown"
CT, host of "Prosperity for God's People" on, does not accept cash, stock, warrants, or the promise thereof, to profile or promote any company. He works for YOU, the Christian Investor, Fund Manager or Analyst.

CT's personal portfolio = AZMN /HSXI / NTTL

Monday - Prosperity for God's People


Last night's trade idea did not present a trigger at the open today. However, the premise for the trade is still intact and Tuesday's open could possibly present the opportunity we were seeking. If we open at or above 1460 on strength, a run to 1480 will be our trade. Although our daily goal is only 2 points, the market does from time to time "run a special offer" which allows us to take 2 weeks worth of points in 1 session and then take a vacation =) .

Tomorrow could possibly be just such a day...........

20 points = 200% ROI

As we mentioned over the weekend, we have given a Live Ttrading Room on CFRN. If you would like to see a room made available for any of our other guests, please let us or them know.
"Pastor Frank"

The above rooms will need approval of the developer so send them an email if you want to see a room. I'm certain the rooms will need to be password protected to insure that only subscribers have access. Right?

Keep in mind I can only create the rooms with their permission. Email me or the developer.


ps/ please pressure Pastor Frank to open a room...............(it's free)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Trading the Open / Monday Sept 10th 2007

I think the markets need to probe deeper before we launch a full recovery. However, short term we seem to be a bit oversold and Mike Reed the Tradestalker seems to agree. The open Sunday night dropped but failed to take out the low of Friday afternoon and quickly reversed.

As I write we are at 1460. I see a possible long bounce from here to 1480. Beyond that...........?

Unless something unforseen takes place between now and the open, I will be long to 1480.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Stack Trade Now Has a Permanent Home on CFRN

After careful evaluation we have awarded StackTrade a ChatRoom on


As we preach daily - 2 points a day with a $5k account = $250k/ yr (less commish)

That's why!

Our Live Trading Room is FREE!

Here's a sample -

Free Trial?
No Credit Card Required.

Friday - Prosperity for God's People



Friday, September 7, 2007
New Webcast Coming
Santa Fe Gold Corp. (BB: AZMN)

New Green Baron Exclusive Webcast with CEO Pierce Carson of Santa Fe Gold Corporation to be Available Beginning Monday, September 10

A few years ago, The Green Baron Report interviewed Dr. Pierce Carson of Azco Mining when the stock was trading at about .15 per share. Subsequently, AZMN rallied to hit highs of over $2.00 per share. In fact, just as recently as last February 2007, AZMN was trading at about $1.20 per share. Now that the stock is trading at year lows at about .27 per share, we believe it would be an ideal time to interview the company once again.
There is a name and symbol change going on now with the Company.
The name has been officially changed to Santa Fe Gold Corporation, but a new symbol has not become effective yet so it remains AZMN for the time being. Our new webcast interview will become available on Monday, September 10 for all to listen. We will have an in depth discussion about valuation and what potential lies beneath the ground.
Like I said - "THE most undervalued asset on Planet Earth!"
Here is a message from my friend Bill Murphy founder of and LeMetrolople Cafe
(He doesn't call AZMN by name, but does he need to?)

To Non Paying Members On The Café Mailing List:

Sometimes you get it right and sometimes getting it rightin the short term from the best of the best is difficult, at BEST. We go ups and downs in the short term. The general public turns off when one is not right in the short term. While the MIDAS gold analysis has been spot on re the gold market, the gold/silver share sector has suffered terribly over the past 15 months.

BOTTOM LINE: Gold is off and running for $3,000 to$5,000 per ounce!


While gold is roaring, the opportunity in the smaller gold/silver companies is a TEN.

They have been comatose.

I have my favorites. There are a number of my colleagues in the gold world who are much more qualified to identify other potential winners. The point is if you are not paying attention now, there is no point keeping you on this mailing list, only to jump on board after the Train has left the station.

Therefore, I have instructed my webmaster to drop all those on the mailing list on Monday who signed up beforeJune 1, 2007 - meaning those who want to wait for the masses to buy. You don't need me.

IF you have a financial hardship that precludes you frompaying the $199 membership fee, please contact me at the usual address.

All the best
Bill Murphy

Thank you Bill, Well said!

eProfits Radio w/ Fund Manager Baird Montgomery

Did you trade the Wheat Spread?
It paid $1,000.00 per contract!
Cost to trade it? Less than $500 per contract with a $200 stop loss.

When Baird speaks > WE LISTEN!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

You Heard It Live - Now Watch How We Did It / Brand New Stack Trade Video

We took 3 ES Emini points live in real time yesterday on the show. You heard it live, now watch the video to see how we did it and how you could have possibly taken 19 points in one session.

No Credit Card Required!

Watch The Video - Click Here

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People


Gold Breaks $700 oz
CT only buys his Gold at one place - Santa Fe Gold Corp /
formerly Azco Mining - AZMN
The Most Undervalued Asset on Planet Earth!
US gold shoots over $700/oz ahead of Friday payrolls - Reuters, Sep 6 2007 3:23PM
Two companies said prepared to make bids for Meridian - Globe Investor, Sep 6 2007 7:03AM
India 07 gold demand seen jumping by 50 pct - Reuters, Sep 6 2007 7:24AM
Gold resumes its rally, set to make new highs: analysts - Platts, Sep 6 2007 7:18PM
US gold futures at four-month high - Sydney Morning Herald, Sep 6 2007 6:48PM
The Price Of Gold Closes Above $700 An Ounce -, Sep 6 2007 6:28PM
Metals - Gold hits year high above 697 usd o... - Forex TV, Sep 6 2007 6:28PM
Change mining focus from coal to gold - The Hindu, Sep 6 2007 5:18PM

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People

There's no place like home!
(except Heaven and in theory that is home so I rest my case)
There's no place like home!

Today being Wednesday is our regular StackTrade show. All the regular guests plus almost an hour with Michael the developer of StackTrade. Our track record for points live in real time has always been good, but today we set a new record. During the 1 hour with Michael we took 3 - 1 point trades. If you have not yet taken the free trial go to
No credit card required.

PageTrader - David Williams developer of PageTrader has extended his free trial offer for the listeners of CFRN only. Try the SoyBean Messenger for free. No credit card required. A 1 cent move in Soybeans is equal to a 1 point move in the S&P. Our listeners who took the free trial last week took 12 cents out of Soybeans this week. That's a 120% ROI in 1 trade.

Gold is coming back. It advanced more than $9 $691 an ounce.
One of the best long-term bets you can make is to bet against the dollar...and holding gold shares is the safest (and most profitable) way to do it. Get your wealth insurance here.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Phoenix Here I Come!

"The best laid plans of mice and men.........."

Well the plans to journal the Summer Fling were overwhelmed by the desire to just Fling.

We had a great time but I'm ready to be back in the studio, in your computer, and in the next great trade.

Whoever you are,
Wherever you are,
May God continue to richly bless you with His mercy, and with His grace..........
And I'll see YOU - At The Bell!