Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday - Prosperity for God's People



Friday, September 7, 2007
New Webcast Coming
Santa Fe Gold Corp. (BB: AZMN)

New Green Baron Exclusive Webcast with CEO Pierce Carson of Santa Fe Gold Corporation to be Available Beginning Monday, September 10

A few years ago, The Green Baron Report interviewed Dr. Pierce Carson of Azco Mining when the stock was trading at about .15 per share. Subsequently, AZMN rallied to hit highs of over $2.00 per share. In fact, just as recently as last February 2007, AZMN was trading at about $1.20 per share. Now that the stock is trading at year lows at about .27 per share, we believe it would be an ideal time to interview the company once again.
There is a name and symbol change going on now with the Company.
The name has been officially changed to Santa Fe Gold Corporation, but a new symbol has not become effective yet so it remains AZMN for the time being. Our new webcast interview will become available on Monday, September 10 for all to listen. We will have an in depth discussion about valuation and what potential lies beneath the ground.
Like I said - "THE most undervalued asset on Planet Earth!"
Here is a message from my friend Bill Murphy founder of and LeMetrolople Cafe
(He doesn't call AZMN by name, but does he need to?)

To Non Paying Members On The Café Mailing List:

Sometimes you get it right and sometimes getting it rightin the short term from the best of the best is difficult, at BEST. We go ups and downs in the short term. The general public turns off when one is not right in the short term. While the MIDAS gold analysis has been spot on re the gold market, the gold/silver share sector has suffered terribly over the past 15 months.

BOTTOM LINE: Gold is off and running for $3,000 to$5,000 per ounce!


While gold is roaring, the opportunity in the smaller gold/silver companies is a TEN.

They have been comatose.

I have my favorites. There are a number of my colleagues in the gold world who are much more qualified to identify other potential winners. The point is if you are not paying attention now, there is no point keeping you on this mailing list, only to jump on board after the Train has left the station.

Therefore, I have instructed my webmaster to drop all those on the mailing list on Monday who signed up beforeJune 1, 2007 - meaning those who want to wait for the masses to buy. You don't need me.

IF you have a financial hardship that precludes you frompaying the $199 membership fee, please contact me at the usual address.

All the best
Bill Murphy

Thank you Bill, Well said!

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