Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday - Prosperity for God's People


Last night's trade idea did not present a trigger at the open today. However, the premise for the trade is still intact and Tuesday's open could possibly present the opportunity we were seeking. If we open at or above 1460 on strength, a run to 1480 will be our trade. Although our daily goal is only 2 points, the market does from time to time "run a special offer" which allows us to take 2 weeks worth of points in 1 session and then take a vacation =) .

Tomorrow could possibly be just such a day...........

20 points = 200% ROI

As we mentioned over the weekend, we have given a Live Ttrading Room on CFRN. If you would like to see a room made available for any of our other guests, please let us or them know.
"Pastor Frank"

The above rooms will need approval of the developer so send them an email if you want to see a room. I'm certain the rooms will need to be password protected to insure that only subscribers have access. Right?

Keep in mind I can only create the rooms with their permission. Email me or the developer.


ps/ please pressure Pastor Frank to open a room...............(it's free)

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