Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday - Prosperity for God's People / Precious Metals and Health Care Set to Soar


CT's Triple Crown

HealthSonix HSXI traded 3 times normal volume today. We are above the 50MA and 200MA on a Daily Chart. On our last interview CEO Michael Ivezic stated that within 7-10 days the company would announce the name of the major pharma joint venture. In Trading 101 we learned that volume preceeds price.........right? This chart looks like a NASA launch pad!

Santa Fe Gold Corp - SFEG
Do not let today's red candle fool you. Red, Green, Purple, or Yellow, that is a Bullish Harami closing in the upper body of the previous day's candle. The english translation of Harami is "pregnant lady". The higher she carries the baby, the more bullish the signal.



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