Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People

There's no place like home!
(except Heaven and in theory that is home so I rest my case)
There's no place like home!

Today being Wednesday is our regular StackTrade show. All the regular guests plus almost an hour with Michael the developer of StackTrade. Our track record for points live in real time has always been good, but today we set a new record. During the 1 hour with Michael we took 3 - 1 point trades. If you have not yet taken the free trial go to
No credit card required.

PageTrader - David Williams developer of PageTrader has extended his free trial offer for the listeners of CFRN only. Try the SoyBean Messenger for free. No credit card required. A 1 cent move in Soybeans is equal to a 1 point move in the S&P. Our listeners who took the free trial last week took 12 cents out of Soybeans this week. That's a 120% ROI in 1 trade.

Gold is coming back. It advanced more than $9 $691 an ounce.
One of the best long-term bets you can make is to bet against the dollar...and holding gold shares is the safest (and most profitable) way to do it. Get your wealth insurance here.


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