Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday - Prosperity for God's People / Today We StackTrade The Dow Emini


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We do not predict the markets long term.

We trade what we see intra-day.

However, some things can't be ignored.........
The ES Emini Futures need to revisit 1500 SOON.
There's 40 points on the table tonight.
There could be even more tomorrow night.
Review your risk tolerance.
40 down and 40+ back up?

Or wait and trend trade back to the top?

If we open lower tomorrow kiss the Abandoned Baby / Evening Star goodbye.........

However you slice it, the market is ready to rock!
Pray Hard and Trade Safe
ps/ Almost forgot..... Full Moon (full moon = dip)

(This analysis brought to you courtesy of the ES.D chart - big difference)

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