Thursday, October 25, 2007

30 Minutes / 3 Points / 60% Return - Live Emini Trading Session with Matt Reynolds of


Today we took 3 points in 30 minutes on the Russell Emini.
1 point = 20% return
3 points = 60% return

Join us everday at 3:00 PM Eastern for 1 hour of live trading with the founder of .

Use the following link to view Matt's charts as we trade the Russell E-Mini Live in Real Time!

Tune in at 3pm Eastern and I will give you the password on-air.

It doesn't get much better than this. Tune in, log in, take a point out of the market, Every-Day!

1 point on the Russell is a 20% return. Tune in 5 days a week, take a point each day, and your trading account can DOUBLE every week. Don't believe me? Tune in, log in and give it a try.................

I will give you the password each day on-air.

Just click the link above and enter the password when I give it out.

We are the station that "Pays you to Listen"!

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