Thursday, October 18, 2007

5 Year Old Trader Outperforms Market Veterans


5 Year Old Trader Outperforms Market Veterans

Child Prodigy?

How about all/none of the above. My son is not aware of "bearish news". He doesn't even understand what "bullish news" is. He is just learning to add and subtract so I highly doubt he understands the mathematical equation behind a MACD or RSI indicator.

So what's my point? Glad you asked!

He can only understand the chart. It goes up.........It goes down. After a number of green candles he says "Daddy, daddy, red candles now". After a series of those red candles guess what he says, "Daddy, daddy, it's time to go up now".

YEP! All of the above.

If you are one of the 95% of traders whose equity curve looks like a ski-slope in Dubai, you need to take a lesson from a 5 year old, or perhaps a lesson from my good friend Mike Reed.

Mike Reed is The Trade Stalker!

I was lucky enough to be one of two people who received an advance copy of
"Read the Greed - Live"

What's my take on it? You need it. Period!
But there is a problem. Mike is only offering 200 courses. That's all.
Again, I was blessed to be one of 2 people who recieved an advance copy. That means there were only 198 available this afternoon at 4pm when they went on sale. Guess what? Julie can't process the orders fast enough. Will there be even 1 copy left this time tomorrow?

Maybe Not!

Friends, you know I don't pitch Stuff. Never, never, ever!

And I'm not going to pitch Mike's course. There is much snake oil in the marketplace and plenty of salesmen to sell it to you. Mike will sell out without me so much as lifting a finger. I am writing this for the listeners of CFRN and the readers of my blog. If you believe that God has called you to be a trader, you can spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars answering the call, or you can drop a grand today and jump to the head of the line.

Is this the Holy Grail? Nope!
Is it a slick indicator that will get you in and get you out at the perfect time every time? Nope!
Will it teach you how to become a Trader? YES!
Will it teach you how to win? YES!
Will it teach you how to lose with grace and possibly a profit? YES!
Is it worth the price? YES X 10!
Is there a money back guarantee? YES! (nobody offers that)

Here's the bottom line friends..........
You see the opportunity
You see the possibility
But you just can't seem to bring it all together. Right?

When I decided to become a trader I had a very nice nest egg.
I called my broker and said "I want to trade full-time. Who can I hire to teach me?"
His answer? "Nobody!"
"Nobody in their right mind will ever teach you their secrets for making money in the market"
What he meant was, "Nobody will ever tell you how They Really Do It".
Sure, they'll sell you a little snake oil but that's about it.

So I set out to teach myself. By the time I had lost most of the nest egg I met Mike and my other daily guests on CFRN. My broker was wrong. There are some people who really want to help other traders succeed. (no snake oil included)

So guess what? At this point I just want to "Pay it Forward". How much money will I make if you buy Mike's course? (if there are any left?)


Now it's not because Mike won't pay me a commish. It's because I won't accept a commish. Why? Because of you my dear friend. I want you to always have at least one voice of integrity in the marketplace. I've been where you are, head spinning, not knowing who to trust and the one man I did trust said "You can't trust anybody".

Well I'm here to tell you that you can trust Mike Reed.
Not only can you trust him, you can learn How to Trade.
If you learn how to trade, you can control your financial destiny.

Buying the next "Hot Indicator" or subscribing to the "Buy here Sell now" guy might make you money for a day (or not). Wouldn't you rather BE the guy/gal who can say Buy Here / Sell Now , without having to ask or trust someone else with your financial future? Then "Read the Greed - Live" is for you. It will teach you HOW TO TRADE!

Do you want to learn how to trade any market, in any time frame, from anywhere on planet earth? Then you need "Read the Greed - Live"

As always,
Pray Hard and Trade Safe!

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