Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday - Prosperity for God's People / Take a 2-Week Free Trial to Tradestalker!


Hi Everybody,
We have something here we're pretty sure you'll all be interested in...and hey, it won't cost you a cent! We are GIVING...yeah, that's right, G-I-V-I-N-G every Trader interested, 2 weeks of "real time" RBI Trader's Updates.

Each evening you'll receive your update (or you can read it on our member's only site) written by Mike Reed, a 25 year veteran trader. The update includes commentary, market outlook, and support and resistance zones (for the emini S&P, Nasdaq, Russell, and Dow YM).

These are the very zones that Mike will be buying and selling against the following trading day!

Now you all know that we offer unlimited delayed updates so that you all can see what the "RBI Trader's Updates" are all about. They also give you an opportunity to check out Mike's batting average. Well, for the next 2 weeks (starting this evening, October1st) we're going to let you all into our member's site, you can read the update the night before as well as get the intraday updates right away...when you need them.

The nightly updates and intraday updates will also be emailed to you for your convenience.

Here's some simple instructions for using the nightly the update each night, not just the zones, but read the *whole* thing, especially the last 2 paragraphs.
(ok, that's it for the instructions :)

The 2 weeks start TONIGHT! If you want to take advantage ofthe entire 2 weeks, get signed up snooze, you lose! Our "Open House" ends Sunday, October 14th.

To Your Success,

Editors Note: This is a tremendous opportunity. Use Mike's strategy to buy and sell against his support and resistance zones for the next 2 weeks absolutely FREE! If his levels and strategy are as good as I claim they are, you will earn enough in the next 2 weeks to pay for an annual subscription. If they aren't........... you'll know, for FREE!

If you are an investor in Santa Fe Gold Corp SFEG, please email David Vaughn and ask him to profile us. To learn more about David and his work, see last night's post.


ps/ Does this concern you at all?

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