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Here's a word from Trade Stalker:

Hi Everybody,
A week or two ago we asked if you would do us a favor by helping to make sure that we've included everything in our new package coming out this month, "Read the Greed - LIVE!".

Well, I gotta tell you, your feedback was incredible! Thanks so much for lending us a hand! Your questions on finding and trading support and resistance have helped us fine tune the package for whom it was intended....YOU!

The course is almost finished, we're looking for everything to be ready to go around the 3rd or 4th week of October.We'll keep in touch with you and let you know what's going on, and when we have a set date that it will be ready we'll give you a heads-up.

In the meantime, (in a nutshell) here's the story behind "Read the Greed - LIVE!".

Mike began trading 25 years ago after a diving accident thatparalyzed him ruined his future in professional baseball. Over the past 25 years he has developed his own indicators, as well as his own personal trade set ups. Back in 1996 he began writing the RBI Trader's Updates for trader's who wanted his accurate support and resistance zones. In 2006, Mike wrote his e-book, "Read the Greed-Take theMoney:Trading Weapons I've Kept Secret for 20 Years", a graphic compilation of his trade set ups.

In his eBook Mike explains how to trade support and resistance using his setups. Though the charts in the e-book are great, they were still/unmoving....and then, one day Mike said, (and he actually said this to me) "How about I capture my set ups, live as they are happening and walk them through it, that way they can actually hear me explain how I'm entering and exiting these trades." That's when "Read the Greed - LIVE!" was conceived.

Since then, Mike has set about breathing life into each of his trade set ups. You'll watch and listen "live" to when, where and why he enters a trade and how he manages that trade. But that still wasn't enough for Mike, traders kept coming to him asking him to show them how he finds his support andresistance numbers each night. So then, Mike said, "let's give them what they want" and started making audios/videos on how he has been finding the same support and resistance zones that the subscribers receive each night.

This is Mike's baby and for months he's been working hard to make a complete, easy to understand, easy to put to use course for traders - unparallel to any other. Everything he's learned about finding AND trading support andresistance over the past 25 years he's getting ready to lay at your feet. This is EXACTLY what you said you wanted, EXACTLY what you said you needed. This is what you folks have been asking for...and it will be ready to go in the next few weeks.

We'll talk again soon, please keep an eye out for upcoming emails.

To Your Success,

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