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Top Gold Play - SFEG Santa Fe Gold Corp Poised to Double


Friday's Top 3 Gold Gainers

Santa Fe Gold Corp Poised to Double
CTWire - Phoenix AZ October 14, 2007 8:45 PST

On Friday Oct 12th, Santa Fe Gold Corp SFEG, rose 30% on just 102,000 shares. It would appear that the overhang from the previous financing has seen its last share sold. If so, the following math will bear fruit.
102,000 shares = 12 cent gain (.12) proven
1,000,000 shares = ($1.00 gain) probable

Quite simply, it appears the bankers who were selling shares into the market are now out of shares.

Santa Fe Gold Elects to Repay Remaining $1.0 Million of Convertible Notes in Cash Rather Than in Stock
Business Wire (Wed, Sep 12)

Therefore, given Friday's trading activity, SFEG has the ability to rise 10 cents for every 100,000 shares of buying. We know that SFEG is is very closely held. We know there are now very few available shares in the public float. We know that Yahoo Finance shows current year revenue projections of $7.20m which is an increase of 44,900% over last year. What does Yahoo know that we don't?


We have clearly stated for many months that SFEG formerly AZMN is the most undervalued asset on planet earth. Tonight we reiterate our position. At .52, the ability of SFEG to leap to $5.20 (10 bagger) would only validate current proven in-ground reserves. A share price of $5.20 would not even reflect the multiples that most Gold and Silver companies trade at. In fact, at $5.20 a share we would still consider SFEG to be an incredibly undervalued opportunity to leverage a legacy in the yet to come Gold and Silver boom.

Although we have quoted Yahoo Finance in this release, we heartily disagree with their 1 year price projection. Based on the above mathematical formula, it would only require that 2.5m shares be bought over the next year to reach Yahoo's projected 1 yr. price target of $3.00. In fact it would only require that 4.5m shares be bought to reach our target of $5.20. However, both of our formulas fall apart once $5.00 is breached.

No matter how valuable your broker views SFEG today, he CAN NOT tell you about it. Why? Because it is trading below $5.00. Even though your broker has the ability to buy all the shares he can today, by SEC rules he can not clue you in until the share price rises above $5.00. Until a stock rises above $5.00 major brokers such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch etc... by definition, consider them to be penny stocks. In other words, they can load up, but you can't. Is it any wonder that GS chopped up $13 Billion in Christmas bonuses last year and YOU DIDN'T?

Do you wait for Gold to reach $1,000.00 oz? Do you wait for your broker to call? Or do you take control of your financial destiny today? It's truly up to you.

At .52 a 10 bagger means a share price of $5.20 ($10k becomes $1m)
At $5.20 a 10 bagger means a share price of $52.00 ($10k becomes $20k)

If the market breaks, the dollars falls, or geo-political tension increases, the flight to safety = Gold
Based on our research, the the proper flight pattern is SFEG - Santa Fe Gold Corp.

Webcast Interview with Santa Fe Gold Corp CEO Now Available at
Business Wire (Tue, Sep 25)

From the Sept 10th low to the Oct 1st high we have completed a text book 38% Fib retracement bounce off the 50 period moving average and the 200ma is just overhead ready to be cleared. Stochastics are oversold and beginning to hook up. Technically and Fundamentelly this looks to be the opportunity of a lifetime and CT has over 80% of his portfolio in the coming move.

Santa Fe Gold Corp is a member of the "CT Triple Crown"
CT does not accept cash, stock, warrants, or the promise thereof,
to profile or promote any company.
He works for YOU, the Christian Investor.

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