Thursday, October 04, 2007 and create endowment for New Hope Orphanage in Kampala Uganda, East Africa


When you become a student of DC Zone Trading or purchase a computer from Trading Computers, the children of New Hope Orphanage benefit.... Big Time!
$1.00 US per day provides food, shelter, clothing, medicine, education, and love, to a child with no one to call Mom or Dad except YOU.
That is, IF you accept the call................
Will you?
CFRN has never before accepted advertising, cash, stock, warrants, or swag, to profile or promote any company, methodolgy, theology, theory, or opinion.
Because we promote TRUTH!
Our currency is INTEGRITY!
But after 2 years, God has spoken. You still can't pay me, or CFRN, but you can save the life of a child.

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