Monday, November 26, 2007

Banned FromTradestation and Esignal - Meet Master Trader Avery Horton aka "The Rumpled One"


TRO has written some of the most innovative and effective trading indicators found on the net. Better yet, he gives them away....... for FREE! Why? Because he can.

When questioned his reply is as fascinating as the indicators he codes,
"If I need money, I trade. I like to help people".

Listen to today's interview and pay him a visit at

You can also join him during the trading day on PalTalk in the 2% Club. (yep, that's free too)

Monday - Prosperity for God's People


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007 Is Now The Home Based Business Opportunity You've Always Dreamed Of


You already admire my friend and frequent guest Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. You own stock in his company. Now you can share directly in the profits generated by without even being a shareholder.

Do you need extra income?
Do you need full-time income?
Are you tired of looking for a legitimate work from home business opportunity?

The Search Is Over!

Your internet business can be up and running in 15 minutes with Zero Start-Up Cost!
That's right - ZERO!

Nothing's free right?

You must first invest a few minutes, watch the video, and allow Ginny to explain how Overstock and 1,000 other online retailers are standing by, ready able and willing, to help you create unlimited income for yourself or your ministry.

If you're not willing to invest 15 minutes and zero dollars to tap into over $250 billion a year in online spending, then stop dreaming and get a second job at Mickey D's or Wal-Mart. The decision is yours.............

WARNING - You will not get rich overnight.
WARNING - This is a legitimate business opportunity with ZERO start up costs.
WARNING - You have been warned!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Best Buy, AT&T, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks and other online retailers partner with CFRN to support New Hope Orphanage and School via


Interview with My PowerMall Founder - Ginny Dye

Create Never-Ending Income for your NPO, School, Organization or Association without EVER asking for another penny!

There is not an Organization in the world that does not need, or could not benefit from, more money. Everything you do requires money and there never seems to be enough. You have an ongoing parade of fundraisers or you are constantly asking for money from your supporters. I should know - I've done both. After years of trying to generate money I decided there had to be an easier way, took note of the explosion of Online Shopping, and knew I had found the answer!

Together We Can Change The World, Inc., was created with one goal - to generate millions for the organizations making a difference in our world. MY POWER MALL, launched in March of 2007, is a FREE tool you can use to generate massive, on-going funding! Our vision was to create a company that would allow your supporters to pour revenue into your organization without their giving any additional money. We decided to make this our gift to the world, investing close to a half million dollars in money and time to make it a reality - then giving it away for FREE.

We are a company...

You may be familiar with fundraising malls. But we are different. One of our primary goals is to be different from every other Mall out there. While there are some great Malls, our commitment is to excellence in every area. Our goal is to raise MILLIONS for organizations. We can only achieve that by doing everything a "little bit better".

We have more stores than any other Mall - over 1000!

Our goal is, if it can be bought, it can be bought on MY POWER MALL. We are committed to providing a vast variety of stores and products - with each merchant meeting a strict set of criteria to ensure shopping satisfaction.

There are hundreds of name brand stores, as well as hundreds of lesser known stores that pay higher commissions.

We offer your Supporters the same FREE Mall, enabling them to create their own income - while also creating income for your Organization! Every time they make a purchase you make money!

While your organization is making money - the people on your staff can also be generating income that will allow them to continue working to make a difference in the world.

Exciting Daily & Weekly e-mails promote purchasing. It's not enough to build a great Mall. It's equally important to give you and your supporters a reason to visit us. That's where our exciting weekly newsletters, customized store specials e-mails and all our FREE gifts come in.

This is not MLM or Affiliate Marketing - it is a completely unique marketing system that will ALWAYS be FREE!
You will never have to sell anything, nor carry any inventory.
There are no crazy qualifying games to receive your income.
All Tools are completely FREE. We give you everything you need to succeed!
A back office Administration area allows you to keep track of everything going on in your business.

We teach you how to deal with UnRelated Business Income Taxes. It's really very simple.
MY POWER MALL'S mission is to change the way fundraising is done.
Our goal is that no one will buy anything or use a service without benefiting a cause they believe in! We are already helping thousands of organizations. Please visit the Home Page of the CFRN PowerMall and watch the entire Business Mall Presentation and let me show you how we can help you as well!

Ginny Dye
My Power Mall
Together We Can Change The World, Inc.

Thursday - Prosperity for God's People / Why Traders Fail


Trading is simple right? After all, every trade has only 2 possible outcomes -
Prices will rise or Prices will fall, right?

Today we discuss why 95% of Trader's fail.
It may be simple but it sure ain't easy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

CT's Swing Trades for Tuesday Nov 12th 2007


As you know, I am fully invested in only 4 carefully chosen companies -
These are what I refer to as my legacy builders.

Intra-day I trade the S&P Emini for fun and profit. Prior to becoming a CFRN disc jockey, I was an intra-day stock jockey. Many members of my original audience still swing trade and day trade equities, so by popular request... I will once again begin sharing with you from time to time stocks that are presenting a technical picture worthy of a short term trade.

HRB - Buy @ 19.68 - 20.00 / Target 21.00 - 22.00 / Stop Loss 18.75

QLGC - Buy @ 13.50 / Target 15.50 / Stop Loss 12.80

HPC - Buy @ 18.00 / Target 21.00 / Stop Loss 17.75

SWC - Buy @ 9.80 / Target 11.20 / Stop Loss 9.30

SDTH - Sell @ 7.00 / Target 5.00 / Stop Loss 8.00

Of course Trading is Risky and you can Lose All Your Money.


Pray Hard and Trade Safe


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

SFEG - Santa Fe Gold Corp CEO Presentation at Orlando Red Chip Conference


Discover Florida Small-Cap Companies At the Upcoming RedChip Orlando Investor Conference

This PodCast is only the audio of the presentation given by Dr. Carson. To view the presentation go to

Once again we see our man of integrity, standing before the "big money", refusing to blow smoke up anyone's chimney.
Quite frankly he doesn't need to, because..........
We got the goods.

He is the CEO of the most undervalued gold-play on planet earth and he knows it. In his calm, understated, matter of fact way, he lays out who we are, what we have, and where we're going. With a market cap of only $38m and proven in-ground reserves of $2b plus at today's gold and silver prices.................... I'll let you do the math.

$2b divided by 75m shares = how much?
(don't forget to multiply that number 50 X earnings to get the correct answer)

If you're not good at math, the equation above explains how to turn $1m into $5m while we still have a Republican in the White House.

Bottom line - You have to be in to win.


Nettel Holdings Update w/ Mike Russo - Send An Email or Fax By Speaking Into Your Telephone


Talking Technologies Releases the Ultimate Breakthrough in Speech-to-Speech Applications, Virtual Dictation
Marketwire Tue 9:50am

Whether You Are on a Beach, Fishing, Mountain Climbing, Lost in Another Country, or Simply Stuck in Traffic, You Can Now Send and Receive Email, Faxes and SMS Just by Speaking Into Any Regular Telephone

"Virtual Dictation" makes use of phones that are available just about everywhere in the world, are always on, and don't have to be BOOTED UP.

A free trial of "Virtual Dictation" is now immediately available for everyone all over the world. To experience some of the unique capabilities of the Virtual Dictation software, go to

"Virtual Dictation" can process voice dictation in real-time from over 7 languages including: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

In addition, you can have the text generated from your voice, automatically converted into over 25 different languages.
Here are some of the additional optional features available with the "Virtual Dictation" account full version:

-- The Virtual Interpreter -- communicates with others in real time even though they do not share a common language.
-- Listen to incoming faxes from your EFAX account or other fax messaging provider.
-- Check incoming voicemail messages from any carrier you currently use, like Sprint, Verizon, Vonage or Packet 8 account.
-- Make international long distance call -- using your virtual dictation account, at very low rates.
-- Advanced and reverse Directory Assistance by entering the name, phone number, or addresses.
-- Check multiple stock quotes in real time or 15 min delay -- You can even program your Virtual Dictation account to notify you if the Bid or Ask price reaches certain level. Level 2 also available.
-- Stuck in a meeting without a tape recorder? -- You can even use your virtual dictation account to record important conversation or meeting to be replayed back at a later time by logging into your account online.
-- Check the security of your home or office -- using "Virtual Dictation," you can access your home or office pc and by listening to the sounds received from the pc microphone. You can also speak into your phone and have your voice be heard over the PC speaker.
-- Using the webcam from the pc, "Virtual Dictation" can also notify you if there are any intruders.
-- Locate your lost computer -- it also allows you to remotely retrieve and delete important files.
-- Check shipping prices from different carriers.
-- Currency conversion.
-- Built in international Yellow Pages -- Yellow Pages, including more than 190 categories (food, entertainment, healthcare services, professional services, retail, restaurant, etc.).
-- Virtual GPS -- by entering your current location and the address and zip code of where you want to go (restaurant, residential home), "Virtual Dictation" will verbally guide you to your destination.
-- Listen to the News including national business, finance, sports, or
-- Check on the history of a vehicle by entering the VIN number.
-- And many other features.

Please visit to view all of the features that are available.

Talking Technologies' global products meet every translation challenge on every level.

"Virtual Dictation" makes use of phones that are available just about everywhere in the world, are always on, and don't have to be booted up. It is an essential tool for people from all walks of life, including businessmen, students, educators, writers, lawyers, law enforcement, hospitals, retail stores, travel agencies, governmental organizations, and all military personnel stationed in a foreign country.

For more information on Global Instant Translator, please visit

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People


Saturday, November 03, 2007

eProfits Radio w/ Fund Manager Baird Montgomery


SFEG - Santa Fe Gold Corp funded @ $1.25 per share prior to presenting at RedChip Conference

Discover Florida Small-Cap Companies At the Upcoming RedChip Orlando Investor Conference
PrimeNewswire Thu, Nov 1

Santa Fe Gold Raises $450,000 in Private Offering and Receives Commitment for Additional $3.5 Million
Business Wire Wed, Oct 31

Thursday, November 01, 2007

No Regular Show Friday November 2nd 2007

If all goes well I will be live @ 2:30 Eastern with Fund Manager Baird Montgomery.

Otherwise, see ya Monday.


Nettel Holdings Update w/ Mike Russo


Talking Technologies Launches Two More Key Products -- Listen to Your Fax and Read Your Voicemail
Marketwire (Wed 9:36am)