Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nettel Holdings Update w/ Mike Russo - Send An Email or Fax By Speaking Into Your Telephone


Talking Technologies Releases the Ultimate Breakthrough in Speech-to-Speech Applications, Virtual Dictation
Marketwire Tue 9:50am

Whether You Are on a Beach, Fishing, Mountain Climbing, Lost in Another Country, or Simply Stuck in Traffic, You Can Now Send and Receive Email, Faxes and SMS Just by Speaking Into Any Regular Telephone

"Virtual Dictation" makes use of phones that are available just about everywhere in the world, are always on, and don't have to be BOOTED UP.

A free trial of "Virtual Dictation" is now immediately available for everyone all over the world. To experience some of the unique capabilities of the Virtual Dictation software, go to http://www.virtualdictation.net/.

"Virtual Dictation" can process voice dictation in real-time from over 7 languages including: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

In addition, you can have the text generated from your voice, automatically converted into over 25 different languages.
Here are some of the additional optional features available with the "Virtual Dictation" account full version:

-- The Virtual Interpreter -- communicates with others in real time even though they do not share a common language.
-- Listen to incoming faxes from your EFAX account or other fax messaging provider.
-- Check incoming voicemail messages from any carrier you currently use, like Sprint, Verizon, Vonage or Packet 8 account.
-- Make international long distance call -- using your virtual dictation account, at very low rates.
-- Advanced and reverse Directory Assistance by entering the name, phone number, or addresses.
-- Check multiple stock quotes in real time or 15 min delay -- You can even program your Virtual Dictation account to notify you if the Bid or Ask price reaches certain level. Level 2 also available.
-- Stuck in a meeting without a tape recorder? -- You can even use your virtual dictation account to record important conversation or meeting to be replayed back at a later time by logging into your account online.
-- Check the security of your home or office -- using "Virtual Dictation," you can access your home or office pc and by listening to the sounds received from the pc microphone. You can also speak into your phone and have your voice be heard over the PC speaker.
-- Using the webcam from the pc, "Virtual Dictation" can also notify you if there are any intruders.
-- Locate your lost computer -- it also allows you to remotely retrieve and delete important files.
-- Check shipping prices from different carriers.
-- Currency conversion.
-- Built in international Yellow Pages -- Yellow Pages, including more than 190 categories (food, entertainment, healthcare services, professional services, retail, restaurant, etc.).
-- Virtual GPS -- by entering your current location and the address and zip code of where you want to go (restaurant, residential home), "Virtual Dictation" will verbally guide you to your destination.
-- Listen to the News including national business, finance, sports, or
-- Check on the history of a vehicle by entering the VIN number.
-- And many other features.

Please visit http://www.virtualdictation.net/ to view all of the features that are available.

Talking Technologies' global products meet every translation challenge on every level.

"Virtual Dictation" makes use of phones that are available just about everywhere in the world, are always on, and don't have to be booted up. It is an essential tool for people from all walks of life, including businessmen, students, educators, writers, lawyers, law enforcement, hospitals, retail stores, travel agencies, governmental organizations, and all military personnel stationed in a foreign country.

For more information on Global Instant Translator, please visit http://www.talkingtechnologies.com/.

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