Tuesday, November 06, 2007

SFEG - Santa Fe Gold Corp CEO Presentation at Orlando Red Chip Conference


Discover Florida Small-Cap Companies At the Upcoming RedChip Orlando Investor Conference

This PodCast is only the audio of the presentation given by Dr. Carson. To view the presentation go to http://www.redchip.com/

Once again we see our man of integrity, standing before the "big money", refusing to blow smoke up anyone's chimney.
Quite frankly he doesn't need to, because..........
We got the goods.

He is the CEO of the most undervalued gold-play on planet earth and he knows it. In his calm, understated, matter of fact way, he lays out who we are, what we have, and where we're going. With a market cap of only $38m and proven in-ground reserves of $2b plus at today's gold and silver prices.................... I'll let you do the math.

$2b divided by 75m shares = how much?
(don't forget to multiply that number 50 X earnings to get the correct answer)

If you're not good at math, the equation above explains how to turn $1m into $5m while we still have a Republican in the White House.

Bottom line - You have to be in to win.


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