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Thursday - Prosperity for God's People / The Language of Trading Faith


The founder of TradingFaith discusses his unique vision and the language that accompanies it.

Nettel Holdings Update w/ Mike Russo


Nettel Holdings Reports on Tougi Orders and Progress of New Scrap Metal Yard
Marketwire Wed 8:41am

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Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People


Santa Fe Gold Corp SFEG
Altima Resources ARH.V

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PRVH - Building Bridges to Vietnam / Interview with CEO Henry Fahman


Building Bridges to Vietnam
Investing & Business Partnerships with Asia's Most Dynamic Emerging Economy

With a population of more than 85 million and a median age of 26, Vietnam offers a young, educated workforce, and a destination market for goods and services. Over the last decade, its GDP has averaged 7.5 percent annually, making Vietnam the second fastest growing free-market economy in the world. We are honored to be joined by H.E. Le Cong Phung, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the U.S., and panels of experts who will discuss how to invest and conduct business in Vietnam. Topics will include a discussion of the legal, regulatory and investment environment, case studies from manufacturers already active in this marketplace, as well as a description of opportunities in physical and IT infrastructure, real estate and equities. For more details, please click here.

Topics to Be Addressed
Panel Discussions: -Bilateral Trade and Government Issues -Legal/Accounting Issues and Regulations -Equity/Real-Estate Investing -Experience of U.S. Companies in Vietnam -Physical and IT Infrastructure

Henry Fahman President, Providential Holdings

Mr. Henry Fahman has been President and Chairman of the Board of Providential Holdings Inc., since January 2000. He has more than 20 years of experience in general management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, investment banking, and investment advisory services. Since March 31, 2005, he has served as the Interim President and Chairman of the Board of Jeantex Group, Inc.. Previously, he was President and Chairman of the Board of
Providential Securities Inc. from its inception in October 1992 to October 2000. Mr. Fahman has also worked with Lexor Holdings Inc. as the Interim Chief Executive Officer, Interim Corporate Secretary, and Interim Treasurer since March 31, 2005. In addition he also served as an investment advisor and investment banker with AG Edwards and Livingston Securities. He also played a Resettlement Coordinator role for the United Nations High Commissioner for
Refugees. Since 1996, Mr. Fahman has been working with the government and private sectors in Vietnam, exploring dynamic opportunities in the growing sectors of Vietnam in recent years. As the pioneer in taking the very first Vietnamese companies public in the US capital markets, he has a good track record in executing growth strategies for his clients to substantially increase shareholders’ values with timely exits and high returns on investments. Mr. Fahman holds a B.S. from the University of California at Berkeley, with emphasis in Finance and Economic Analysis and Policy. He also attended Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program.

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eProfits Radio w/ Fund Manager Baird Montgomery


Gold, Gas, and the Gay Agenda...........

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Concert for New Hope Orphanage and School

We are holding a Benefit Concert Saturday May 24th, 2008.

Our goal is to raise funds to improve sanitation (flushing toilets) at New Hope Orphanage and School which is now home to over 850 Aids Orphans.

For Concert Info - Click Here

For Sponsorship Info - Click Here
Thank you for your support!

Providential Holdings Inc - PRVH / New Interview with CEO Henry Fahman


Interview with CEO Henry Fahman

Tuesday - Prosperity for God's People


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5 Minutes to E-Mini Fame and Fortune with Dr Al Brooks


Al Brooks, 56, is a self taught/self made day trader who has traded for his own account for 20 years. He started out in medicine after attending the University of Chicago, where he also did his ophthalmology residency. The pull of trading was with him early, as during his entire stay in Chicago, he always wondered if he should drop out and work on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. But he continued his medical career and taught for a year at the Emory University School of Medicine and then practiced in Los Angeles for about 10 years. During his academic years, he published more than 30 scientific papers and regularly presented his work at national ophthalmology meetings. In Los Angeles, he built one of the first Medicare-approved eye surgery centers in California and performed thousands of operations in his office OR.

After his twin girls were born, and then with three girls under the age of 15 months, Al decided to leave medicine. He sold his practice, moved to a small town outside of Sacramento, stayed home to raise his daughters, and started trading.

He says that as a scalper, he needs to focus intensely on every tick and doesn’t want distractions. As he describes his trading style: "My room is dimly lit, all of the shades are fully drawn, and I trade off my 17” HP notebook computer. I have another computer on my desk with two 21” monitors but I keep it off during the trading day and never use it for trading. I trade best when I have minimal distractions and only a single chart with no indicators (other than a 20 bar ema and volume, which I rarely watch) and no additional monitors. I use TradeStation for charting and place most of my trades through IB using their BookTrader price ladder. I find TradeStation too cumbersome for scalping but that may only be because I never spent much time learning the subtleties of their order entry. I tried Ninja Trader a few years ago but using it violated my fundamental principle of keeping my life as simple as possible. I am prone to making mistakes and that costs me money, so the simpler I can structure my life, the less I give back. I never watch TV while trading and have no interest in the results of economic reports. I also never read newspapers and get all of my news from the internet. I just trade the price action that comes from those reports, rarely ever finding out what the actual numbers were. Although I have a high IQ, I simply am not fast enough to process all of the ramifications of a report, read the 5 minute chart, and place my orders correctly. I believe that I am far more profitable when I only trade off the 5 minute chart in front of me and ignore all other input and opinions. I also don’t care where the market is going in the next year or even the next hour. All I want to know is whether I have an 80% chance of making a profit in the next 1 to 10 minutes with little risk
A note from CT -
Over the years I have conducted many interviews with many traders. This interview and the relationship I hope to develop with Dr. Al, I truly believe will become a life changing event for myself and the 850 orphans of New Hope Orphange and School.
Thank you Dr. Al!

90 Days to War? eProfits Radio w/ Fund Manager Baird Montgomery


90 Days to War?


Buy Gold / Sell Oil

90 Days to War?

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