Thursday, June 19, 2008

Read the Greed - LIVE! / Trading Secrets from 25 Year Veteran Trader Mike Reed aka The Trade Stalker


Mike Reed is The Tradestalker

"Read the Greed-LIVE!" shows Mike managing live trades in real time. Hear the thought process of a 25 year market veteran as he walks you through each trade.

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This is what one trader said about the course:
"I am almost the whole way through the course and can you please let Mike know that the first night I traded after watching the first couple CD's I managed to double my usual returns. It doesn't get much better than that. I can already see that I was exiting trades a little pre emptive. It is great to see the way Mike interprets the market action and always seems to be looking for the emotion in the markets. I was also impressed with your decision to put in losing trades and ones that don't quite work out as that is a reality of trading many people don't want to accept. I think there is a wealth of information in regards to what to look for in a losing trade and when to exit. Your Support and Resistance methods are great and with time and effort I hope to be able to implement them as accurately as yourself. Please pass on my appreciation to Mike for all the hard work he put into the course." Jason T. ~ Australia

Please remember that you will have only 24 hours to get
"Read the Greed-LIVE!" at Mike's low re-introductory price.

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