Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prosperity for God's People - Emini Futures Trading / Wensday July 16th, 2008


Snap! Goldman Finally Pushed Into Subprime Snake Pit?
We've gotta' hand it to them, the G-men have done a fantastic job of keeping their noses clean throughout the sordid subprime ordeal. They even managed to dodge the bullet that Wall Street's other reigning clean-noser, JPMorgan, couldn’t avoid: being strong-armed by the Fed into buying Bear Stearns. But as the gossip machine that preceded Bear’s collapse now threatens Lehman, Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein and the bank’s traders are increasingly being pressured to explain whether they played any role in the alleged hijinks. As the SEC issues more subpoenas than the queen has teas, the Wall Street Journal takes an in-depth look at who's being asked what -- and what, so far, are the answers...

Mac Attack Strikes Back
These days, we're basically afraid to open the newspaper, because it just keeps getting freakier and freakier. In the latest monster-mash mash-up, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson [ex-Goldman] and Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher ["I'm-the-decider"] Cox, decided to impose a 30-day curb on the short selling of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman, Goldman, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. But considering how hard it is to keep a good short-seller down, will this plan really work? Somewhere, David Trone must be cheering...

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