Friday, August 29, 2008

Masters Of Excellence - Doug Goeckel


This is the 2nd in a continuing series of articles.

This week I will be expanding on Discipline.

As professional traders we must focus on mastering mental self discipline. Many traders that desire to be successful find themselves frustrated and feeling as though they have failed. As I began teaching traders, I found that there was a gap between successful professional traders and those that wanted to be successful. One main area that I noticed traders lacked in was the area of discipline. We live in a world of rules and regulations, then people with a true desire to be successful come in and begin (what I have coined ) cowboy trading. Cowboy trading is trading without rules or structure. Trading without a structure is damaging to the mental psyche. Take the example of the Bible. It is filled with guidelines and structure that allow our lives to be filled with joy and freedom, but the path of righteous living is narrow. The Bible is filled with motivating and compelling rules that produce self discipline. Trading is quite similar. Discipline yourself into success. Disciplined trading will lead to a life of abundance.

You must be willing to create a set of rules and guidelines and follow them.
Do you have a Business Plan?
Do you have a high probability trade that states specifically when you will trade and when you will exit a trade?
What do you do on a daily basis to prepare for your trading day?
Do you have daily procedures?
Have you made it clear exactly what markets you will trade?
Do you have a set time that you designate to trading?
How do you manage your trades?
Do you journal every trade you make? Most professional , successful traders do !
What specifically are you looking for when to enter a trade?

**These are just a few of the specific rules that will promote mental self discipline

If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land.
Isaiah 1:19

First you must be willing. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at trading. From my years as a trader, I have learned the hard way that trading is 90 – 95% mental discipline. I had to make the commitment to be willing to take the next step. I had to break thru instead of break down. I never thought that committing to be a professional trader would be such a great endeavor, until I went through it.

It is essential to master self discipline. A professional trader must follow their structure and set of trading rules in all circumstances. Those that choose not to follow their structure and trading rules once will do it again and again. I place a great emphasis on the fact that you must honor yourself. You must follow your rules on a daily basis. It is the unseen discipline that separates the professional traders from the rest.

Douglas Goeckel

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Masters Of Excellence - Doug Goeckel


Each week CFRN will present an article written by Professional Trader and Mentor Doug Goeckel. Due to a publishing delay on our end we are presenting 2 articles this week.

Foundation in the Mind
I was truly appreciating the Olympic athletes as I watched the daily competitions. I listened as the commentaries discussed the mental preparation that was part of an athletes training for success. These athletes must perform on queue. We must trade, on queue. Two words come to mind, practice and discipline.

As a man thinks within himself, so he is – Proverbs 23:7

Every day we have choice to declare the things that will happen in our trading business. We are the ones that will choose our attitudes and how we will allow them to affect our trading.
How you think about your self, will set the course of your trading career.

Successful Trading requires as much discipline as the Olympic athlete. We must be able to turn this on every day we choose to trade. Those who have challenges with discipline will experience challenges in their trading careers.

Have you prepared your mind for your trading day? Have you prepared your mind for profitable results? Lack of preparation will not lead to success.
Just as the Olympic athletes use visualization, warming up, and practicing before they compete, we must do the same in our trading day. Our trading muscle IS our mind.

I use visualization every morning before trading. I think and see myself as a success before the day begins. One of the scriptures that I find great strength in is “as a man thinks within himself. so is he.” This is one nugget of truth that prepares me for a successful day.

Douglas Goeckel

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IHSI - Innovative Health Sciences Shareholder Conference Call Recording


August 20th, 2008
Shareholder Conference Call
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Friday, August 15, 2008

IHSI - Innovative Health Sciences Shareholder Conference Call August 20th, 2008


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Innovative Health Sciences to Hold Teleconference Call August 20, 2008 to Update Shareholders

PALM HARBOR, Fla., Aug. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Innovative Health Sciences, Inc. (Pink Sheets: IHSI - News) today announced that a teleconference call for shareholders has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 20th. The conference call will start at 3:30PM EDT.

Chris Winter, CEO of Innovative Health Sciences and Michael Ivezic, former CEO of HealthSonix, will provide the most recent update and information to the shareholders and answer questions. To participate live in the call, please dial 605-475-6000 and enter security code 728652.

Shareholders are encouraged to submit their questions prior to 5:00PM EDT on August 18th via email, fax or telephone as follows:
1. email:
2. Fax: [727] 865-5208
3. Telephone: [727] 490-4370 x 112

Innovative Health Sciences, Inc. (Pink Sheets: IHSI - News) is a Medical Technology Holding company that invests in new, unique Medical Technology companies. The common denominator of the investments is that the companies and their products must show the potential to have a major global impact and present significant growth opportunities.

For more information, please visit

CEO Interview Recorded July 15th, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

SFEG - Santa Fe Gold Corp Article


SFEG Profile

Santa Fe Gold Corp (SFEG.OB): Among the many reasons the
former President of Exxon Minerals might feel as strongly as other
investors, in a promising emerging resources play, could include the $6 Billion or so in-ground assets, this company has amassed under the tenure of another Exxon Minerals former head of a special exploration task force credited with its early successes.

It was the undervalue of Santa Fe's original Mica and MIO reserves, that
initially attracted the former Exxon Minerals protégé and highly accomplished explorer, Dr W Pierce Carson who has as yet since, wasted no time in adding billions in value to Santa Fe's growing in-ground reserves and gearing up for full Gold and Silver production with strong directive and mission statement upon his engagement to Santa Fe, bringing with him, a potential bounty of 24 attractive acquisitions, four of which have so far been achieved.

Upon his nomination to the board of directors, former President of Exxon
Minerals with his accomplished record of growth and responsibility for
establishing and managing Exxon's very successful domestic and
international minerals exploration programs that still today rank among some of the largest in the world. He brings a wealth of experience and prestige to the board of Santa Fe Gold Corporation, and had this to add:

"I am excited about this challenge and eager to assist in assessing new
opportunities and bringing Santa Fe Gold's assets to fruition. Pierce and his team have done a terrific job over the past several years. With the Summit silver-gold deposit now ready to proceed to full production and the Ortiz gold project in the pipeline, I believe the company is poised for significant growth. These are exciting times for our industry and for Santa Fe Gold and I am pleased to contribute to the company's future success for the benefit of all shareholders."

Dr. John E. (Jack) Frost has over 50 years of international mining experience in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic minerals and has been closely involved in the discovery, evaluation, development and/or acquisition of more than 40 commercial mineral deposits. As principal of Frost Minerals International, Inc. since 1986, Dr. Frost has provided management and consulting services involving acquisitions, minerals exploration and mining. From 1967-1986, he worked for Exxon Minerals Company and its affiliates in a number of senior management capacities, including president and director of Exxon Minerals International.

With a current market value of just $60 Million and a stock price of about
$0.70, Santa Fe would appear to have considerable upside potential,
as begins to close the gap on its real value approaching one hundred times what it is currently worth today. According to a reliable source, on a previous occasion, Dr Frost, upon joining another company's board, that same company's stock rose from $0.70 to $20 or so, in short order...

When one considers what Santa Fe represents today, with Silver and Gold
reserves approaching nearly three million ounces and with Gold prices over $800 per ounce, any further acquisitions will begin to place Santa Fe as a contender to being a mid-tier mining conglomerate and that combined with CEO Dr Carson's pledge to monetize every last ounce of Gold, Silver or other minerals the company currently holds or fully intends to acquire and with a string of positive reports on the company from renowned analyst strong buy rating and initial target of $3 per share, it's not hard to foresee Santa Fe differentiating itself from other Gold issues over the coming months and rising sharply as it gears up for full Gold and Silver production from its Summit Silver Gold mine in New Mexico and its potential to leverage its cash flow to additional production.

With an impressive list of major and institutional shareholders including a Swiss Industrialist, of enviable, if not formidable investment reputation who has taken a nearly 25% stake in the company through his desire to fund the Summit project in its entirety, the future would appear to bode exceedingly Golden for Santa Fe, in fact we believe his investment will eventually be worth $400 Million plus in due time as this story unfolds.

The company is incredibly highly leveraged to an increasingly bullish outlook for Gold, Silver and Minerals.

(Special thanks to Gary and Toby Hansen for this report.)

Note: The above report is the opinion of its author and is not to be considered a solicitation to buy or sell any security. Always do your own diligence and consult with a licensed financial planner before making any investment decision.

Prosperity for God's People - Emini Futures Trading / Monday August 11th, 2008