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Prosperity for God's People - Tuesday Sept. 23, 2008


Even my arch-nemesis Cramer is now saying you must put 20% of your portfolio in Gold Stocks.

Thanks for the breaking news Jim, but 90% of my portfolio is already in Gold Stocks.

Make that - Gold Stock

Santa Fe Gold to be exact.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Interview w/ Doug Goeckel - Monday Sept. 22, 2008


Today we discuss Doug's most recent article -

Do You Have What It Takes?

.........well do you?

Prosperity for God's People - Monday Sept. 22, 2008


How much does it cost to print $700B of monopoly money?

More than you can even imagine. This toxic bandage will do one thing for sure -
Make Gold Even More Valuable!

Forget the Fed, forget the bailout, hedge your future today with REAL money, which God himself placed in the belly of the earth long, long, ago.........for such a time as this.
(ps. He also shut down production long, long, ago. But the Fed's Printing runs and runs and runs like the enegizer bunny)

Santa Fe Gold Corp

Friday, September 19, 2008

Do You Have What It Takes?


5th in a series

Do You Have What It Takes?

I wanted to take a brief side bar this week and pose this question. I have had an opportunity to speak with quite a few traders. As many of you know, I coach and mentor a select group of traders for a 3 month period of time.

As I reflected over this past week's conversations, I began to notice that I was hearing the same comments over and over again.

"I have blown my account out before, or I am not sustaining my profits........" then followed up with the reason and circumstances that are behind each individual trader.

I pose the question, do you have what it takes to truly look at yourself and WHY you have made the trade? What choices and decisions have you made that have resulted in loss or poor trading results? What choices have you made that have resulted in profits and positive trading results?

I believe it is essential to explore mentally and emotionally what is happening before, during, and after your trades. I designed my teaching program to focus on the mind for a few weeks specifically to address this and be able to assist each trader in designing a trading program and high probability trades that are specific to each. The structure must be suitable for each trader requiring commitment to following their entries and exits whether under pressure or not..... each and every day.

If you find yourself NOT following your own rules and guidelines, it is critical that you explore and examine your thoughts and retrace the what , why , where, and when for each trade. I stress the importance again of journaling your trades for a reason. If you are not journaling, I believe you should not be trading. The journal is a road map to your success, or the journal can be a road map to the discovery of the areas that need to be adjusted and refined for success.

If you have any thoughts or feedback please feel free to email me

I look forward to hearing from each one of you.

Best of Success!

Douglas Goeckel

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Interview with Doug Goeckel / Masters of Excellence Part 2 - Thursday Sept 11, 2008


Today's Interview

Doug's new class starts Monday Sept 15th.

For more info

Prosperity for God's People - Emini Futures Trading / Thursday September 11, 2008


To download the 911 Tribute song - "Heaven" click here

Visit 911 Tribute Page - click here

Never forget what happened..........

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Interview with Doug Goeckel / Masters of Excellence - Wednesday Sept 10, 2008


Doug will be with us again tomorrow at 11AM Pacific to discuss his upcoming mentoring program which begins Sept 15th.

Today's Interview

Interview from July 10th

Articles written for CFRN by Doug

Foundation in the Mind
What Does It Take to be a Successful Trader?

To learn more about Masters of Excellence -

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What Does It Take to be a Successful Trader?


4th in a series

What Does it Take to be a Successful Trader?

Imagine this scenario...
You have entered a high probability trade that is profitable immediately. You are now approaching your exit in your target area. You wait with exuberance and anticipation and finally you close your trade. Ten contracts have just sold at a 5 point gain. That’s right, a $2500 profit in only about 20 minutes trading the futures (ES symbol). This is the highlight of your trading day. It was only and hour and 20 minutes into the trading day and you were done trading with a sizable profit.

Does this happen every day to every trader? My immediate thought would be to honestly answer that as a no.However, there are enough of these success stories around that continues to drive the appeal of trading as a career that is primarily built on independent wealth building.

Those who decide to make the commitment to day trade soon learn that the only thing traders should be concerned about is their high probability trades. Every trade should be a very calculated decision based on their precise high probability trade.

I teach each student this acronym.......The goal is to (E.X.C.E.L.)

  • ENVISION the Trade - See the Area in your mind and know with certainty this is a 3 to 1 risk / reward area
  • XECUTE the trade - Place your limit entry, trailing stop loss, and monitor your trade
  • CLOSE the trade - When the move has ended
  • ENJOY your profit - You’ve just accomplished what few will ever experience
  • LEAVE the area - Do not over trade, it does not promote certainty, cowboy trading is an absolute no. Stay committed to plan your trade and trade your plan

Traders don’t invest / Traders Trade

In addition, there are two goals I set:

  1. Achieve a level of consistent profits
  2. Invest in yourself by learning from those who display consistent success and profit from trading

Trading is an intense endeavor, which requires a strong focus. I teach the following key elements:

  1. Attain knowledge - read , invest in self, seat time (watching how your particular market moves) training
  2. Develop your confidence THIS IS A MUST !
  3. Pull the trigger when it is the appropriate time, trade your high probability trades
  4. Have a willingness to learn- figure out why instead of reacting with emotion, journaling is essential
  5. Be able to accept the market fluctuations, the market is always right. Learn to move on, “Begin Again”
  6. Manage money, protect your profits, achieve your daily target and step away from the trading platform
  7. Be true and committed to trading as a professional, have a business plan and follow it
  8. Master patience
  9. Know yourself - know how your brain works, again journaling is key
  10. Be mentally disciplined - plan your trade and trade your plan
  11. Invest in your health, your mind and body are the foundation of your business
  12. Remain steadfast
  13. Find a coach, a trading mentor, or training class to sharpen your skills

The trials you encounter will introduce you to your strengths, remain steadfast and one day you will trade worthy of your potential.

My next class begins on September 15th, 2008. If you are interested in attending my class at my office, or through online live class, please feel free to contact me. My desire is to train up traders who can live a live of prosperity, peace, and freedom.
Douglas Goeckel

Prosperity for God's People - Emini Futures Trading / Tuesday September 9, 2008


Prosperity for God's People - Emini Futures Trading / Monday September 8, 2008


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Prosperity for God's People - Live Broadcast from the Kingdom Economic Summit in Austin Tx


Global Leaders to Gather at Historic Kingdom Economic Summit Sept. 4-6 in Austin, Tx.

Kingdom Economic Summit

Trade Journaling w/ Doug Goeckel - MASTERS OF EXCELLENCE


3rd in a series

A foundation for a Successful Trader
Trade Journaling -
I have read many books on the most successful traders in the world and one repetitive action all the traders maintained was to record their trades. It is a written record of you trades - a map of your success or areas which to improve in.
How can you improve if you do not know where your strengths and challenges are? I have discussed this with several of my students who are now trading. A common response is that one of the most helpful things was the log of their daily trades. One of the students I spoke to commented that during the quiet time of the day, having the opportunity to reflect and see the real time responses to trade execution and management.
I see the journal as a real time knowledge base. Each page increases my knowledge of the market, and my understanding of who I am as a trader DURING the live market.

The journal I created includes:

  • Date/ Time/Day
  • Daily Goal – Mental
  • Currency / symbol traded
  • Entry / Exit price
  • Outcome of Trade – positive or negative in ticks
  • Type of set up
  • Reasons for trade – 5-7 reasons
  • Pros and cons of trade
  • Current Market trend – Up, Down, Consolidation
  • Market Traded
  • Time Frame for Trade
  • Entry Time
  • Price Target
  • Stop loss
  • Exit Price
  • Exit Time
  • Risk Reward
  • Target Met
  • Reasons for Trade
  • Reasons for Exit
  • Trade Analysis
  • Trading Lesson
  • Success of Day
  • How I felt prior to Trading?
  • How I prepared for Trading?
  • What did I eat prior to Trading?
  • Did you E.X.C.E.L.

I answer each of these questions for all the trades I take. I usually take between 5-10 trades between 3 futures tickers and 2 FOREX pairs. The journaling take between 5 -10 min per trade. I take a screen shot of my trade and insert into my journal. I keep my trades logged in a 3 ring binder. Recording your trades is a powerful tool that will allow you to have insight into your frame of mind, entry areas, and trade execution and management in the live market.

How much are you missing by not writing your own daily trade journal?
Trade Journaling is one valuable tool that promotes my mental self discipline.

Comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.
Have a prosperous day!
Douglas Goeckel

Prosperity for God's People - Emini Futures Trading / Tuesday September 2nd, 2008


Storm damage to the CFRN studio was quite significant. We will do our best to maintain our broadcast schedule during the rebuilding process.

Thank you for your patience and your prayers.