Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prosperity for God's People - Emini Futures Trading / Wednesday October 22, 2008


Zaner & Stack Trade

The Stack Trade Indicator webinar is co-sponsored by the Zaner Group. Zaner Group is a futures and FX brokerage firm now entering its 28th year, serving traders both large and small. Here is why Zaner Group is the perfect brokerage firm partner for traders subscribing to the Stack Trade Indicators: Stack Trade indicators are for day-traders. Zaner clients can day-trade the e-mini index futures with a $500 day-trade margin requirement.

Stack Trade indicators are delivered through Sierra Charts - a perfect enhancement to our flagship Zaner DayTrader execution platform; and by NinjaTrader - a platform fully supported by Zaner Group.

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Free Webinar Thursday October 23rd at 4:30 EST.

Capitalize on the Volatility!
Volatility: (of prices, values, etc.) tending to fluctuate sharply and regularly: volatile market conditions. Now that you have the definition come to our webinar and see how Stack Trade indicators get you into the market at the right point to Capitalize on the "regular fluctuations" of the market. We are experiencing unprecedented market movements! We get you in at the right place with minimal, predefined risk and you can flow with the market as long as it allows you to! No chasing trades. We wait for the trades to come to us! If they do not come to us in the manner we expect, we do not take the trade. In this webinar, the developers of Stack Trade will explain how these signals were developed and how they are used to create trade set-ups following the flow of the market.These proprietary indicators were developed by day-traders for day-traders and have been honed specifically for trading e-mini stock index futures such as the ES. We will discuss our indicators and how pivots define expectations of the price action in conjunction with our indicators!
Please join us Thursday at 4:30 pm EST for a 1 hour webinar introducing the Stack Trade Indicators. Come into the webinar for an overview and then experience it Live Friday Morning during the free trial and follow-up webinar!

Participate via live Webcast.
Thursday, October 23, 20084:30 p.m EST
REGISTRATION LINK to attend this free web-event.
Follow-Up Webinar Friday October 24th 9:30AM EST
Live Trading using Stack Trade Indicators

Stack Trade is having a live demonstration of the Stack Trade Indicators on Friday October 24th at 9:30AM EST. Stack Trade will apply the strategies shown in the webinar from October 23rd.

Participate via live Webcast. Friday, October 24, 20089:30 AM EST
REGISTRATION LINK to attend this free web-event.

Special Offer!
Try Our Indicators and Chat Room for One Week Free!

All attendees of the Stack Trade webinar will receive a Free Trial, including a free trial of the Stack Trade chat room were you will be guided through the setups in real time!

Click the Free Trial link to sign up for your week trial!

Free Pivot Video

You will receive a special video showing how to use short term pivots to "see" what the market is trying to do and how the Stack Trade indicators help determine the direction and potential of the trade.

Please email with the words "Pivot Video" in the subject for your copy.

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