Friday, January 09, 2009

Mike Reed 26 Year Veteran Trader Hosts Live Trading Room


Mike Reed
Grew up in lower middle-class Midwest family. Brought up by great parents. Graduated with honors from high school, while earning All-State honors in 3 sports. Went to college on a full ride baseball scholarship. Pro career curtailed when I fractured C4-C5- vertebra, causing paralysis in 4 limbs. Rejuvenated interest in stock market post injury, began trading career in 1982. Continue as Associate scout for Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball team.
Just a few reminders about our live trading room trial. If
you wish to participate, you MUST choose one of the options
below, and then go here to register:

- Options -

Option 1- $75 access for the trading room only (ONLY for
those of you who have already bought the ebook).

Option 2- $150 access to the trading room AND the nightly
updates (ONLY for those of you who have already bought the

Option 3- $175 access to the trading room, nightly updates,
AND Mike's ebook combo ("Read the Greed-Take the Money" and
the 3 Hour teleseminar.

Sunday - January 12th, the trading room password as well as
the guidelines to the live trading room will be sent out to
only those who have registered.

Please remember, you must be registered by Sunday, January
11th in order to participate in this 3-4 week trial.

Go to this link now to register:

If you have any questions, as always, please don't hesitate
to contact us.

To Your Success,

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