Monday, March 09, 2009

Obama's New Strategy - Kill Babies, Negotiate With Terrorists


Today we learned that Obama and Facebook are pretty much the same thing - Overvalued and full of faulty code. We know who programmed Fbook, but we're still researching who holds rights to the most elegant code that runs our Manchurian Candidate aka the POTUS.

While the world continues to spin, we will continue to trade. Today we took one trade on-air and shorted 688.50, we covered at 685.50 resulting in a 3 point gain. To the naked unwashed masses this may seem like a paltry days pay.

For those who may be new to the markets and/or our daily program, here's the math -

1 point = $50 per contract

1 contract requires $500 margin

a $5k account can trade 10 contracts
10 contracts X $50 = $500 or a 10% gain for a 1 point move

should you trade 10 contracts with a $5k account? NO!

trade 1 until you can afford to trade 2 with your PROFITS
trade 2 until you can afford to trade 3 with your PROFITS
and so on and so on.........

How do you do this?
A) Listen to the show
B) Free Trial @ Trading Faith
C) Free Trial @ Trade Stalker
D) Free Trial @ Page Trader
E) Email my friend Doug Goeckel and beg to get in the next class

Until the morrow'
Be Blessed
and go post something on Fbook so I can get this documentary over with!


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