Tuesday, March 10, 2009

S&P Rallies From 666 And Sparks The Largest 1 Day Up Move Of The New Regime


No conspiracy theory here, just a few odd facts.

This Friday will be Friday the 13th. (again)
As you recall we just had one last month.
That's 2 Friday the 13th's since Obama took office.
And as for the bell-weather S&P selling off to exactly 666,
well that's just darn spooky.

Today did present traders and the public at large with a much needed relief rally. The Dow closed up 379 points! It's great to see Green on the Screen but remember the fundamental flaws that are being woven into our economy will be around for a very long time.

My recommendation - Turn off the TV and just trade what you see.

Today we saw 2 great entries on the show. A long entry at 707.25 and again on
the pullback to 709.

Enjoy the Pod!

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