Sunday, April 19, 2009

An American In Paris

Paris - You either love it or hate it or both. It's been a frustrating week. They don't speak English, my $60.00 electricity converter doesn't work, my laptop battery lasts just about long enough to boot up, the "free" wi-fi our hotel promised only works if you sit by the window with the wind blowing in your direction, and by the way... they don't speak English.

On the other hand, they don' hate us nearly as much as we were led to believe. The Metro (subway) will take you anywhere in the city quickly and cheaply. The history and beauty of the city is enormous. My leftist political and off the hook musical knowledge are greatly increased as we only recieve MTV and CNN in English. (did i mention they don't speak english?)

Anyway, we ran the numbers and the results are in - we love it more than we hate it. In fact, Ms. Anne's current plan is to find an apartment in the city and live here 3 months out of the year and rent it out the rest. Guess which 3 months?

I have lots of video to share but for now I'll just share this one before my battery runs out. We've spent a bit of time at The American Church in Paris. Here's a taste of today's Praise and Worship service.

Blessings from Paris

(it's been 8 hours and the video still won't upload / may have to try the free wi-fi at the park)

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