Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cramer Proclaims "The Depression Is Over"


We take that as a sign the top is in........(for now anyway)

On today's show we sold 841.25

Globex Update - 22:00 Exchange Time
Selling 835.50 on a limit

Globex Update - 24:00 Exchange Time
Market trading 833.50 which is a 2 pt profit / move stop to 835.50
Now you have a free trade / target 828 (while u sleep)

Globex Update - 1:40 Exchnge Time
Market trading 831.00
You have 4.50 pts profit
That's a 45% gain (do the math)
Keep in mind we are now in a Free Trade Zone
If you choose to hold to our target of 828 or perhaps the afternoon low of 826, lock in profits on the way (unless you're asleep and your platform is on auto-pilot)
If you should be a Londoner or an insomniac, watch 820 - 818

Remember 818?

The market can easily bounce out of the 818-820 area. If 818 fails, it's no different than last night -

Sell It Like You Stole It!

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