Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Obama Team Seeks Somali Pirate For Arse Kissing Ceremony


OK. The American Apology Tour is officially over.

We have kowtowed and geneflucted to the world, apologizing for our arrogance while bowing to foreign royalty. I guess all that's left to completely humiliate the United States and fulfill the leftist agenda would be the primo photo op of Michelle's husband kissing the arse of a Somali Pirate while humming "Swing Low...."

Look out you crazy Frenchmen, here I come....

On today's show we took our tidy profit and left for "Vacances!" on a positive note.

One last reminder, I'm gone for 2 weeks. I will post to the blog while in Paris but there will be no live show or podcast. (unless i get the itch)

aka - CT

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