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13 Reasons For Gold's Major Breakout

In simple English, THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHY GOLD IS RISING. The faceless 'THEY' had no idea in 2002 and 'THEY' have no idea now. The main fallback factor 'THEY' turn to is a hedge against price inflation, the basic kindergarten concept. Wall Street is too busy building leveraged contraptions and forging collusions to bother with gold comprehension. Those who are aware in the Mainstream are dead silent as to why gold rises, since they realize their world is to vanish.

Obama pledges reform on Lehman anniversary

Proposals aim to stop repeat of global crisis

It is never too early to fear inflation?
By Clive Crook
Published: September 13 2009 19:52 | Last updated: September 13 2009 19:52

John Mauldin

No Good Choices for the Fed by John Mauldin

The fundamental decision we face in building investment portfolios is correctly deciding whether we are faced with inflation or deflation in our future. The problem is that there is not an easy answer. In fact, the answer is that it could be both... More »
Sep 13, 2009

Disappearing into the Sunset

Given how big a role the transportation industry plays in the global economy, many marketwatchers have been keying in on indicators that gauge activity in the sector to try and get a handle on which way the economic winds are blowing.

Among the most widely watched measures is the Baltic Dry Index, a daily barometer published by The Baltic Exchange that tracks shipping rates on a number of key international dry bulk routes.

As the following chart shows, after rebounding from its May-December 2008 crash lows, the BDI has given back more than 40 percent since it hit an interim peak in June. That suggests the recovery many equity traders and economists see on the horizon is actually disappearing into the sunset.


Things Must be Worse Then We Thought at GM
Bob Brooks

The Secret Bull Market

by Sean Brodrick Sean Brodrick - The Secret Bull Market

Gold’s recent push above $1,000 an ounce is finally catching Wall Street’s attention. And yet many of the talking heads on TV still rush to say that gold is not a good long-term investment, that it’s ...[More ...]

China: Gold’s Best Friend and the Dollar’s Worst Enemy

by Tony Sagami Tony Sagami - China: Gold’s Best Friend and the Dollar’s Worst Enemy

The Chinese government is buying gold like mad but will it continue? ABSOLUTELY and I'll show you this week what the Chinese government is doing behind the scenes, a safe harbor currency fund that ...[More ...]

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