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Emini Futures Trading - Friday November 6th, 2009


And Bernanke Didn't Think Unemployment Would Reach 10%  by Mac Slavo

Friday’s unemployment report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics is anything but a green shoot. The official U-3 unemployment number is 10.2%. The broader and more comprehensive official unemployment number, the U-6, is at 17.5%. The U-6 counts all the people that want a job but gave up, all the people with part-time jobs that want a full-time job, and all the people who dropped off unemployment benefits because their unemployment benefits ran out. John Williams at suggests that real unemployment is actually running at 22%, which, by our calculation, is approaching Great Depression unemployment numbers... More »

How Warren Buffett Is Smarter than the G20 by The Baseline Scenario

By Simon Johnson

The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors are meeting today in St. Andrews, talking about the data they will need to look at in order to monitor each other’s economic performance and sustain growth (seriously).

The underlying idea is that if you talk long enough about the US current account deficit and the Chinese surplus, stuff happens and the imbalances will take care of themselves – or move on to take another form.

Warren Buffett seems to agree.... More »

Global Markets in Review: Is the Risk Trade Back On? by Prieur du Plessis

“Words from the Wise” this week comes to you in a shortened format as I am about to leave Cape Town for a visit to the colder environs of Switzerland and Slovenia.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) maintained its extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy following its meeting on Wednesday. The communiqué had no surprises and said that the committee expected to keep the fed funds rate target in the 0-0.25% range “for an extended period”. As expected, the European... More »
 U.S. President Barack Obama on Nov. 6
Several rumors about U.S.-Asian relations will make U.S. President Barack Obama's trip to Asia an interesting one. [more]

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